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Thursday, January 11, 2007

How quickly the week goes

All week I keep thinking of fun andwitty things to write on my blog and the don't get around to it. Now I'm on here I cant think of anythign witty to say.So I'll just do the boring stuff.

I've been working on my website a bit more. Hoping to put some more patterns on next week, free and for sale. So keep an eye on that.

I've finished another pair of my secret MagKnits February socks. But I'm not showing you a photo. They're gorgeous though and so comfy .Wearing them now. I've done these with a different heel than in the pattern I originally submitted. And that's all I'm telling you.

Then I cast on for a pair of Posh Cashmere socks. It's the most gorgeous yarn I've ever knitted with and the colour is fantastic too. Because it's a bright colour I decided to do just plain rib socks but when I got to the cuff I added a cable rib to each side. They're knitted toe up. Only got a bit of the cuff left on sock 1 now. This yarn is just so fantastic to knit with. Knits up very smoothly and evenly. Makes me look like an expert.

I'm using my new Boye purple dpns from the yarnyard. They're pretty fantastic too. And see how wel lthey go with the yarn.

Wip Busting:

I've been doing some wip busting this week too. I finished my Posh silk boucle scarf. I love the colour and texture and this was supposed to be for me but Ness liked it too so I toldher she could have it. So far she hasn't worn it so I've been wearing it instead. Got some other Posh silk boucle so maybe i'll knit naother one in another colour.

I've also been working on a lace scarf from 'Lavish Lace' and it's goign really well. but the other day I got a bit bored and put it down.

Today I want to finish my sock and then perhaps do some Cozy knitting. I could do with finishing it as it would feel so cozy aroud my shoulders.

also desperate to start my Cozytoes, my felted slippers. Have swatched. Just got to felt it to help me work out number of stitches etc. Also desperate to start a lace shawl (my own design), a shawl in Posh silk boucle. Know what i want to do with that.

Winding yarn is a breeze now with my new ball winder (thank you Murdo from Crafty Yarns). It took me a bit to get the hang of it but then it was whizzing around. Cant believe how quick it is. I just want to wind up all my skeins now.

Had hoped to do a stash take this week but I think I'll put it off to next week. Don't think I can cope with the shock. Going to be organised. Writing down exactly what I've got and how much. sell anything I don't want and plan projects for the rest.
Here are the socks I kntited for Simon over Christmas. They're knitted in Regia stretch which is a lovely yarn to knit with. The pattern consists of cables on the side and a block of knit st on the front separated by purl stitches.


Trudie said...

Oooh, scrumptious socks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Dee. I'd really love some more of this yarn and I'll defnitely be getting more cashmere in the future. Its just gorgeous.

Jane said...

Boy Anni, you have been a knitting machine! Gorgeous knits there and I am so excited about your Magknits in February. That is terrific!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jane.

Debby said...

Annie, congratulations on the Magknit pattern. You are doing well girl. Love the scarf Lavish Lace. Is it your pattern?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Debby. The Lavish Lace Scarf is from a book called 'Lavish Lace' and isn't my design. I'm doing two scarves from this book and I've finished one tonight. It's been on the needles for ages. Pics tomorrow.