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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Some holiday snaps

Thought I'd bore you all with some holiday snaps. These are all taken in Frogner Parken in Oslo, Norway. The sculptures are made by an artist called Vigeland (can't remember his first name now). This part of the park is quite famous and a must-see for tourists in Oslo. It's always full of foreign tourists there whatever time of year you visit. All the sculpture are naked, something which shocked my girls. Didn't realise they were so prudish. And, unfortunately, it's not snow on the ground, it's just a very heavy frost. And that was as white as our Christmas holiday got this year.

This one is called Monolitten and is basically a pile of people. I think it's supposed to show the circle of life or something like that:


Holly Burnham said...

I love that their statues look more like 'real' women!

Debby said...

Yes, at least the statues look like most of us. Imagine have a sculpture done of me bending over with my stomach hanging. LOL I noticed as I get older that everything is moving down. By the time I am 80 everything will be at my ankles. And since my shoe size is increasing I will be a 2 foot pile of flesh with a size 10 shoe LOL

Anonymous said...

Yep, they do look realistic. Especially the women. Some of the statues of the younger women are slimmer but there's not an anorexic statue in sight. I was born in the wrong period I think. LOL

WildPurl said...

The park looks lovely Anni, and I'd be happy with that much frost here LOL!

The statues are beautiful too.