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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Koigu KPPM

Got two skeins of Koigu KPPM at in September at one of their Open Days. Didn't know what to knit with it when I bought it. I kept looking at it until a few days ago when I decided to kniw some fingerless gloves. Wanted to design my own pattern. The first lace pattern I decided on didn't work. Unfortunately I didn't decide that unti lI'd finished the first one. Also I didn't increase enough for the thumb. So started again using 'Twin Leaf Lace' and Cables. They're quite long so that I can keep my arms warm when wearing 3/4 length sleeve tops. I love the first one. Second one is still on the nedles but half way through. The pic isn't great but I'll redo them when 2nd glove is finished.

This yarn is so lovely to knitwith. Much silkier tham most wool yarns. I'm thinking about doing some matching socks and hat too and maybe a scarf.

Went for a lovely family walk with our dog, Sam, today near Landhydrock House in cornwall. It was perfect autumnal weather. Chilly and sunny. The dog loved it, the girls complained about the walk but enjoyed the adventure playarea afterwards. Then we went off to Asda to buy some fruit and milk. Also managed to pick up a pair of jeans.

Off to finish my 2nd glove now.


Sonja said...

Love the fingerless gloves - nice colors!

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Finished the 2nd one just now.

Auntie Noo said...

Glad the blog-ring thingy worked! - it looks lovely in its new home!!! Like your fingerless mitts - I must get on and do a pair for myself.