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Friday, November 03, 2006

Drowning in wips

Didn't realise I hadn't posted for so long. Not been feeling all that great this week. Been very tired and Ness has been off sick for most of the week. I'm just not getting anything done and the house is a domestic disaster again. Went to a Ladies' Bible Study this mornign adn then was so tired afterwards I fell asleep forover an hour. Struggled to wake up and get going again.

As for wips I'm struggling just as much. Nothing seems toget finished. I started a pair of hand warmers for myself in Koigu. Love knitting with Koigu - never used it before- andthis was some of theyarn I got at in September. Decided on a lace and cable design and knitted nearly the whole first glove but didn't do the thumb properly adn not too impressed with the pattern either. So I've started again. Much better this time and I've just started increasingfor the thumb so hsould be finished tonight. Have done one sock each for the girls and half of a second one for Ness, so got those two to finish. Got various other wips to finish too.

As for my Cozy I've decided that the LL Bullfrogs and Butterflies is too heavy after knittig just two skeins worth and the yarn isn't going very far either. Have got some wool/sari silk from which I've decided to use instead. Not cast on yet though and shouldn't until I've finished some. Got two bag designs I want to do for magazine submissions and some sock pattern ideas. Also got a couple of design competitions I'd like to enter. And following the design workshop last week I'd like to start designing a jumper for myself and Em is desperatefor me to knit her a jumper so said I'd design one for her too.

So I'll just go and bury myself in my knitting basket. If I don't appear for a few days send out a search party..

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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