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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Lorna's Laces Scarves

Have been knitting some scarves using Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock. Didn't like 4 ply a few months ago when Ifirst knitted with it but I htought I'd practice with it so I get used to it. Then I will have a go at socks again.

Here is the 'Ocean Wave' scarf from 'Lavish Lace' which I knitted a smaller version of in LL Iris Garden (I think). And the beginning of my Sea Foam scarf knitted in LL Black Purl. Want to get some more of this to do socks too as I love the colour.

Also a dish cloth I've just finished, knitted in Peaches & Cream (from using the Horseshoe pattern.


Anonymous said...

I can hardly keep up with you Anni, reading all these posts I mean, I've no chance on the knitting side, Knitting Mad Bag Lady, more like Knitting Mad, Bag, Scarf, Hat, Discloth, Doylie, Cardi, Jumper, Phewwww!! Lady

Anonymous said...

LOL. Think you may be right Paula. Just hope my husband doesn't read my blog. He'd be horrified to realise how much I knit during the day when he's at work. Mind you, by the state of the house he should be able to tell. Will be worse after tomorrow as I'm off to Get Knitted. Also had delivery of some undyed wool and Kool Aid today. Never dyed yarn before but planning to have some fun (messy fun I expect) with the girls on Monday.