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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

New idea

Blog seems to be working again now. After I changed template and had to add all my links again. GGGRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!

Never mind! Have had a new idea brewing for the last few days. Been trying to use up some of my odd skeins. And think I may set up a 'one skein only' section on my website. Was going to call it 'one skein wonder' but apparently there is a book with that name so maybe I ought to think about something different. Any ideas welcome???

I've got some hat, hand warmers(?), dish cloth & scarf patterns I'm planning to put on there. But would love my readers to submit any patterns they have too. I'm sure we have all got lots of odd skeins lying around and it would be great to share patterns to get rid of some of our stash. Post your comments/views or ideas please.


Anonymous said...

How about exactly that Anni, *One Skein Only* it's catchy and to the point, if I think of anything else I'll let you know. It's a terrific idea, I love one skein projects, it gives you the chance to try out a ball or skein before embarking on a purchase of many only to find out a couple of rows in that you can't stick the stuff.... as in my shimmer !!!!!
p.s. We won't have to use that damm loopa thing will we ?

Anonymous said...

Such a simple idea Paula.Maybe I'll take your suggestion of 'one skein only'. I've been trying to come up with something really catchy. And don't worry about any Loopa patterns. Still can't get the hang of it. Easier to knit I think.

Anonymous said...

Just checked out your website and saw the the one skein only section, I think it looks good, I shall be taking a look at that section quite regularly as you post the ideas.