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Monday, July 31, 2006

Not had time to knit

Been busy today. Been to Plymouth shopping. Got a small amount of yarn, 3 balls of Jaeger Matchmaker for a scarf and handwarmers. Gorgeous lilac colour. Also got 2 balls of Firefly to finish a lacy scarf I've already half way through.

Still working on my Calmer scarf. Nearly finished first ball now and as I only have two balls that makes it about half way through. Ordered some DB silk today. Never knitted in silk so very excited about that. Not sure what to knit though. Any suggestions?

Still finetuning my patterns to get them ready for publication and still looking for stockists. Have had one possible positive reply from one online yarn retailer. Will contact some more tomorrow.

Off to do some knitting now. Seen another lace pattern in either the new Simply Knitting or Knitting. It was a sample stitch pattern and looked lovely. I'm keen to try anything lace now. Can anyone recommend any Lace pattern books? Keen to get one but don't know which one to get.

Would also love to start up a knit and knatter group in my part of Cornwall. Anyone have any experience re starting up such groups, please do share them by posting a comment.

Thank you for reading even though tonight's entry is a bit boring. Hopefully get some pics to post tomorrow or day after.

Nite all.


dianemulholland said...

I pull a lot of the lace patterns I use from
Check out the dishcloths page - the patterns are easy to adapt to anything you want to make.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip Diane. Have used before but not looked at lace patterns. Saw some lace books reviewed in a mag recently and really keen on buying a book. My birthday is coming up soon.