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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Espresso shawl

Saw this pattern in Knitters mag and liked it but didn't know what to knit it in. Then I got some Rare Yarns Essentials (only 2 balls) and didn't know what to knit with it. So decided to knit the espresso shawl in the Essentials. Think it's a lot thicker than the yarn suggested in the pattern but it's so gorgeous and soft and will make a beautiful and warm winter shawl. Have now knitted up the two balls i initially got and ordered some more but thought I'd show you how it's going so far. It's not easy to see the lace pattern in the pics so took a close up too but still doesn't show up too well. Now I've got the hang of ssk and yo I've got hooked on lace. Looking to buy a lace book with lots of different patterns. Have seen some recommended in various knitting mags. Any of you readers recommend anything? Saw one book which teaches you how to design your own lace patterns which I'd love to get but forgotten what it's called now.

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