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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Got an order for another bag yesterday. It was one I'd just started knitting for myself but never mind. Over half way with it now. May have to get some more wool to finish it though. What a shame!!! Will post a picture of the bag once it's finished. I'm doing my own version of the Booga bag, making it a bit bigger and changing the design slightly to make it more structured. Also knitting it in cascade 220. Felted a bag in Cascade 220 a couple of days ago on 40 degree wash, definitely didn't felt enough. So will have to do it again. If you have used Cascade 220 for felting please let me know what wash you felt it on.

Nearly 8 am now, and I'd better get showered and dressed and wake the rest of the house up as we're off to church at 9.30, been up for 1.5 hours as I couldn't stay in bed due to severe neck pain and head ache. Came down to knit but got distracted by the laptop and have spent ages browsing knitting forums and websites.

Anyone heard of or Please send me your comments about these companies if you've done business from them. Never heard of them before yesterday and would love to get your views.

Hopefully back to post some photos later.

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