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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Another busy day - not knitted much though.

First things first - Here's my latest batch of bags, two of them are still drying, but I couldn't wait to photograph them.

They're all my own patterns and all knitted in Cascade. This is my first lot of bags knitted in Cascade 220 and although I like the wool, I do seem to be having problems with felting them. Have tried various combination of 40 and 60 washes, but the red one, which I felted this morning I ended up doing a 60 wash and it had hardly felted at so I chucked it back in machine on a 95 wash. That finally felted it properly. The others were done on either one 40 and one 60 wash or two 60washes. May try putting it straight on a 95 wash next time. Don't really want to wash it twice.

Anyone else felted with Cascade 220? If you've got any tips for felting them please let me know. Another problem I have got is that they do go a bit creased although I normally only do a 500 spin or no spin at all (take a long time to dry though if you don't spin it). Have also ironed them but still slightly uneven felting and slightly creased.

Also experimenting with finding a way of water or at least shower proofing my bags. Have tried Scotch guard for fabrics on the green one and it didn't change the colour and the bag didn't get wet when I sprayed it with a water spray. Wouldn't stand up to rain though I don't think. Anyone got any tips on water proofing knitting please let me know.

The green bag was for a friend but slightly smaller than she wants, so going to knit another one and keep the green one for myself. Perfect size for me and I love the colour!!!Fab for summer and I put a long i-cord on so I can wear it across the body.

The green and blue bags are similar to Booga but I've written my own pattern just using the Booga shape. The blue one is the mini version and the green one is the midi version. Doing a large version for my friend. Will get all the patterns typed out properly and post the patterns on my website. The other two bags are my own design too but may need some more 'finetuning'. Got several patterns now that I want to type up properly and make available on my website.

Started another felted bag in Cascade 220 today. Got about half a skein each of the blue and pink wool left so combining them to make another small tote (like the blue one). Got some great ideas for some patterned bags today. Must get them down on paper soon before I forget. Getting ideas quicker than I can knit at the moment. The new bag takes a bit of concentrating so started a stole in Sirdar Firefly too as it's something i can just knit without having to look at it or concentrate.

Anyone included novelty yarns in their felting? I've tried one or two I've bought on Ebay with no luck. Got los of novelty yarns lying around so thought I may do some swatches soon. Will post results on here when I get them done.

Not knitted much today as I went shopping in Plymouth (and I didn't buy any wool!!!!) Just some stuff for our holidays in a few weeks and some stuff for the girls. Took much longer than I had thought and I was shattered when I got home and in a lot of pain (back and neck). Planning a relaxing evening. Goodnight and take care!!!!

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