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Thursday, May 10, 2018

A beautiful weekend

Last weekend we had a long weekend here in the UK. Vanessa was home so we added Tuesday and made it an extra long weekend. The weather was glorious. It felt like summer had arrived (it's gone again!) and I spent a lot of time sitting in the garden with my knitting.

Which meant I got a lot of knitting done and finished the first half of my new design. I'm a quarter through the second half. I need to finish it by Sunday evening if I'm going to wear it on my London trip next week which was my plan. Not sure I'll make it as the next few days are rather busy.

Look at the difference between the blocked lace (in the top piece) and the unblocked lace (in the bottom piece).

We did venture out a few times as well. One evening we went down to our local sea-side town, Looe, where we had fish and chips looking out over the river and then walked down to the beach and the Banjo pier. The view below is the Looe Town beach taken from the Banjo Pier.

The sea was calm, it was warm and most of the visitors had left for the day.

Simon and Vanessa posing for the photo. I told them to sit up straight.

A fishing boat returning to port.

On Monday we headed in the opposite direction to Minions on the edge of Bodmin Moor. This is near where Simon grew up and where I lived when I first moved here to work with horses in 1990. I used to ride around this area.

The weather was warm and the view was fairly good and we could just about see Dartmoor in the distance (photo below).

I've been struggling with knee pain since last summer but this last week it's been a lot better and I managed an hour's walk on the moors including a hill like the one below.

Just below Sharp Tor (the Tor you can see in the distance) was where I worked at a riding stables when I first moved here. The first summer I was here in 1989 the weather was like this, but hotter, for the two months I was here. So this walk really reminded me of my first summer here.

The old railway line we walked along back to the village of Minions. I used to ride along here 28 years ago.

After our walk we went to the village pub for a drink. A perfect English bank holiday.

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