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Monday, March 12, 2018

Getting ready for Edinburgh Yarn Festival

I'm leaving for Edinburgh early tomorrow morning. I'm teaching three workshops at Edinburgh Yarn Festival this week and spending a day at the yarn market. I'm looking forward to attending a show where I'm not having a stall and can spend the day enjoying everything on offer.

Of course a trip would not be complete without some knitting projects to keep me company. For a few weeks I've been thinking I need to get some new handwarmers knitted up. I love wearing them as my hands are always cold. Finally yesterday I decided I'd cast on for a new pair. I had a pattern charted out for some hand warmers I'd planned to knit last winter but I never got around to casting on. See at the end of the post how far I've gotten in less than 24 hours. I did a lot of knitting yesterday evening but I've done very little today.

I also decided I needed to take a new shawl project with me. My current shawl wips are too bit for travel projects. I prefer 4ply/sock yarn for travel projects but lace weight yarn takes up less space so I chose Laceball. I've not quite nailed down the lace pattern yet although I did decide on a shape.

I cast on for a new pair of sock. Every trip needs a pair of socks. I will mainly knit on these when I'm out and about. I'm knitting toe up and the yarn is Crazy Zauberball in the same colourway as the shawl above.

See how much progress I've made on my hand warmers! I'm nearly at the thumb. I'm doing an afterthought thumb as it's quicker and easier. I'm hoping to finish this one tonight so I can cast on for the second one to knit one while I'm travelling tomorrow.

See that beautiful book? It's a new Yarn Show Planner from the organisers of Edinburgh Yarn Festival. It'll be for sale at the festival and it's fabulous. It has space to plan several shows. Each section includes details of the show, transport, accommodation, who you're planning to meet up with. Lots of space to plan your travel projects and to make a list of vendors you want to see. There's also space to list which patterns you want to buy yarn for including all the details you need about the pattern.

The cover is thick card stock and the paper is great quality. Love this show planner! Look out for it at Edinburgh Yarn Festival.

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