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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

What's on my needles?

All my knitting time over the last week has been taken up by working on a deadline project which I'm hoping to finish tomorrow. I can't share much as it's for a magazine. I'm enjoying it but it's fairly easy so I would have preferred to have mixed in the odd lace knitting session but I've spent all my knitting time on this project recently.

Once I finish my deadline project, I'll be getting back to work on my lace shawl. I'd like to finish this by early next week so I can get the pattern finished and sent off to my tech editor next week. I'd like to release this pattern in February so I'll need to crack on with it.

My self-imposed deadline for my fair isle project is in time to wear it at Edinburgh Yarn Festival in March. I'm at a point where I need to work out the next section of the pattern which I won't have time to do till next week at the earliest. I'm not envisaging finishing this till end of February as there's still a lot of knitting to do. Most of it is stocking stitch in the round.

I picked up my bright pink shawl a couple of times before I started on my stripey deadline project and I'd like to get this finished. I haven't got much to do so I may decide to finish it next week after I finish the blue/grey shawl.

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