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Wednesday, March 08, 2017


If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you may have seen me working on this shawl over the last two weeks. It was getting really big and I was really enjoying it.

I've had a slight nagging doubt that the short rows were wrong but I waited until I was about to start the final third before I mock-blocked it (stretched it out dry, and on the needles) to see how it was looking. Basically it curves the wrong way which won't work with the edging. Also the top edging wasn't working as I'd hoped.

So on Monday I ripped it back and it was back to this. Because I cut the yarn every time I changed between the greys and pink, I've got lots of little balls so now I've got to try to choose the right size balls for each section. I'm making a few other small changes to the pattern too as I am re-knitting it anyway it made sense.

This is where I'm back to now. So far all good. I'm getting close to the first short rows so hopefully this time they'll work better. I've also changed the edging to stripes instead of the dark grey as I that way it'll use the same amount of both greys. I'm also making it slightly narrower at the widest. so I can make it a tiny bit longer. There's a lot of knitting ahead of me. I'd hoped to release this pattern at the end of March but it won't be till April now.

A lot of design is trial and error and sometimes things don't work out as I thought they would. If I'd swatched this properly with the short rows so basically knitted a mini version I would have known it wouldn't have worked. Lesson learnt .... although I'll probably make the same mistake again some day in the future. At least I'm enjoying knitting this so don't mind knitting it all again.

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