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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Lace Wear Volume Two - Diva

I'm thrilled to introduce the next pattern in the Lace Wear Volume Two Collection. Diva is a hexagon shape which is transformed into a stunning cardigan with floating sleeves by adding two seams. Beads are added for extra glamour. 

Diva is worked from the top down with short rows to shape the back of the neck and a combination of beautiful lace patterns. Choose from two sizes. My daughter, Emily, who's about 5ft 10in/178cm and slim is wearing the largest size which also fits me. I'm the same height as Emily but several sizes bigger. If you're tall or a plus size I recommend knitting the larger size. If you're petite and slim, I recommend the smaller size. You can customise the size by working fewer or more repeats of the charts (except the final chart). You will need more yarn if you make it bigger. The size will also depend on how much you stretch it during blocking. I stretch my lace as much as possible during blocking.

Diva is part of the Lace Wear Voume Two collection which will include six patterns. This is the third pattern. If you've already purchased the collection, you will have received an update this morning so you can download the pattern. If you purchase the collection, you will receive the three patterns already published and the remaining patterns as soon as they're released. Each time a pattern is released, the price for the collection increases. Please note that if you live in the EU, your local VAT rate will be added.

Diva is also available as a single pattern and is 25% off until 25 November. No coupon code needed. The discount will be deducted automatically. Please note that if you live in the EU, your local VAT rate will be added.

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