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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Finishes & Beginnings

I'm so excited that my big purple cashmere project is one step closer to being revealed. I blocked it last week and knitted the button bands on Monday. As I was trying to choose buttons I realised I had to order more as I didn't have enough of the ones I'd chosen. My plan was to use the green ones in the picture below. But when I was ordering I added another pretty set of buttons to my cart (the pink ones in the photo) and now I'm tempted to use those instead. The buttons are from Textile Garden who's my favourite button supplier. My plan is to add the buttons today so I can wear this to my Beaded Lace Knitting workshop at Spin A Yarn on Friday. Some of my classes at Spin A Yarn still have spaces. Contact them for details. I'm also planning to wear it to my Lace Knitting workshop at Stitch Fest on Sunday 6 November. There are still spaces in my Stitch Fest workshop. Click here for details and to book. We also added two more spaces to my sold out Continental Knitting with Norwegian Purl workshop. I'm going to be modelling this design myself and I'm hoping to do a photoshoot this weekend. 

Pattern is currently being tech edited and as soon as it's ready it'll be added to the Lace Wear Volume Two collection. If you've already purchased the collection, you will receive this pattern when it's released. If you haven't purchased the collection yet, I recommend you do it now. Once this pattern is released the price for the full collection will increase. Every time a new pattern is released the price goes up. If you purchase the collection before all the patterns have been released, you get immediate access to all the patterns that have already been published and all the future patterns as they're published. Purchase the Lace Wear Volume Two collection here.

Sunday was all about sock knitting. I cast on for Simon's second sock before church on Sunday and knitted most of the above in church. In the evening we went to the cinema and I cast on for a new sock with the beautiful sock yarn I got from Sitting Knitting (which goes towards Rachel's son James (who also dyes the yarn) World Challenge trip to India next year). I manged to get over half the leg done during the film We saw 'The girls on the train' which was brilliant but very violent at times.

Last week I decided I needed a new pair of hand warmers. So I designed a new pair and knitted them up in two days. I've been wearing them every day since. I still haven't had time to get proper photos done and yesterday when I walked the dog in the park, I accidentally stepped into a hole in the grass and fell. Now my hand warmers are dirty and I need to wash them before I can photograph them. I'm planning to change the bead placement slightly, so I'm going to have to knit up another pair for the photos. This pattern will hopefully be released in early December.

I've been working on my Lang Stole too. I'm on the final quarter now and it's getting big. I'm still enjoying knitting on this and looking forward to being able to wear it when it's finished.

This morning I cast on for a new project for my book. This beautiful Sweet Georgia Party of Five gradient set arrived on Monday and I'm in love with these colours. I'm so excited to work on this design. I will share little sneak peeks on Instgram but I can't show too many details as this design will be in my new book.

I've also been knitting up several big swatches for a design submission but I can't share those. I enjoyed knitting them though so I'm hoping the designs get commissioned.

What's on your needles this week? Do share in the comments below.

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