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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Something Exciting For August

Yesterday I taught my last workshop before my summer break. In August, I'm not teaching any workshops and, although I love teaching, I am looking forward to having a break from teaching. So far this year has been very busy.

I do have other work to do in August: several magazine deadlines, work on my book, other designs, getting ready for my autumn classes and a few other things but for a while I've fancied trying something new.

I haven't done a mystery KAL (knitalong) for a while so I thought I would host a mystery KAL with a difference. This will be a kind of design-a-long too. Through blog posts and Periscope broadcasts (which you can watch on the Periscope website if you don't have the Periscope app) I will be taking you through how I design a small shawl. And at the same time, I'm inviting you to knit along with me. 

I have decided on the shape and I've decided on one of the stitch patterns I will be using. But that's it. I will show you how I decide on which other stitch patterns to incorporate, how I chart the lace pattern and write up the pattern. 

Each week I will publish the next section of the pattern so you can download it and knit along with me. This pattern has not been written up yet, it's not been knitted yet. So if I make mistakes along the way, there may be ripping back to do. I've no idea yet, apart from the shape, of what the final shawl will look like.

I've chosen my yarn and today I will give you the yarn and needle details so you can get ready if you want to knit along with me. To sign up for the Gondola KAL, download the pattern here.

You can join and start at any time in August. The pattern will be released in bitesize chunks on Ravelry weekly. Sign up here (by downloading the pattern) and you will receive an update each time the pattern is updated. At the end of August, I will close the pattern listing, send the pattern to be tech edited and get the photos taken. Once the final pattern is ready, it will be uploaded and those who signed up during the free period can download it (still for free) but for anyone else it will be a normal paid for pattern. So if you sign up by the end of August, it'll be free. If you buy the pattern after August, it won't be free. Either way you'll receive all future updates to the pattern.

As well as watching Periscope broadcasts (if you watch them live, you can chat to me and ask me questions), there will also be chat in my Ravelry group, so do make sure you join the group. Please ask all pattern questions in the Ravelry group or during live Periscope broadcasts. I will not reply to pattern questions via e-mail.

You can also share photos on Instagram and tag your photos #gondolaKAL so we can all see them. Anyone who finishes by end of August and posts a finished photo in the Ravelry group will be included in a prize draw.

I've never done anything quite like this before and I'm a bit nervous about it but I'm hoping it'll be a bit of summer fun.

You can sign up now. You may guess from the name what my inspiration is but I'll be back tomorrow to share more about my inspiration and reveal the shape of the shawl. 

In the meantime, don't forget to sign up and download the swatching details and information. The swatching is optional. Knitting to the correct tension isn't essential for a shawl but if your tension varies, your shawl may end up much bigger or smaller than expected and you may need more or less yarn.

So will you join me on this adventure? Sign up here.

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Scrimshaw's Fire said...

Hi Anni

I tried to follow the link to Periscope to download the app, but unfortunately it only accepts US phone numbers. Any advice?


Anonymous said...

Search for Periscope in the app store on your phone.