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Monday, May 30, 2016

Monday Mini Tip: Keeping track of shaping

I've got another super quick mini tip for you today as the last week has been rather crazy with four workshops in five days and another one tomorrow. 

When you're increasing or decreasing for things like waist shaping, it's easy to loose track of how many times you've increased/decreased. Of course you can usually count your stitches to work out where you are (unless you've also made a mistake). If you're good at reading your knitting, then finding the increases/decreases isn't usually too difficult unless it's a textured or very fuzzy yarn.

If the pattern tells me to decrease a certain number of times, I like to be able to see where  I am at a glance. It avoids the 'where am I' scenario if you've not been working on that particular project for a few days/weeks. So when I increase or decrease, I put a removable stitch marker in the stitch. That way I can count quickly and easily how many stitches I've increased/decreased.

I'm hoping to find time for a slightly meatier Mini Tip next week. You can see all previous Mini Tips on my Tutorials Page (scroll down a little bit).

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