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Monday, August 17, 2015

My Work Week

How was your weekend? If you read my blog last week or follow me on other social media, you may have noticed that I joined Periscope last week. I did a scope (that's what a broadcast is called) last week to figure out the technical stuff. Things like how to set up my tablet, could you hear me etc. I figured all that out, although the first few minutes of my scope was sideways as I didn't realise that Periscope films in portrait. I tried doing it in landscape.

Anyway, I enjoyed it and all weekend I've been wanting to hop on Periscope for another scope. The advantage of Periscope is that it's live so you can talk back to me by writing me messages which show up on screen. I've been thinking about what to use Periscope for and I thought this week, as I'm working in my home office every day this week, I'd do a 'my work day' series. Every day I'll pop in at random times to give you a peek into my work day. What does a designer do all day? I want to show you a selection of what I do so I'll pop on when I feel like I've got something new to show you. If you can't catch a live scope, you can watch the replay for up to 24 hours.

For this morning's scope, which will happen as soon as I hit 'publish' on this blog post, I'll be working on writing up a new pattern, Pandora, which I need to get off to my tech editor today. I'm not going to go through the entire pattern writing process as this is a long pattern and a lot of it is written already but I'll show you how I add the final details, like written instructions for the charts and a few other things.

Emily and I did a photoshoot for Pandora yesterday. I still need to edit the photos but these are some I snapped on my phone. Pandora is worked from the centre out and when I publish it, I'll do a tutorial on how to do the circular cast on. You can also find two circular cast ons, Emily Ocker's circular cast on and the Disappearing Loop circular cast on in my book, Beaded Lace Knitting (this is the Amazon associate link - it's available on Kindle too).

Pandora is knitted in Kettle Yarn Co's Westminster which is a blend of camel and silk and it's a fine sock yarn (533m per 100g skein) and you need 2 skeins (1000m/200g) in total. I'm hoping to publish this pattern by 25 August but it'll depend on how long the tech editing process takes which depends on how many mistakes I make in the first draft and it is a long pattern. 

Pandora is part of the Between The Lines Collection which is currently £8 until I publish Pandora, then it'll be £10 as Pandora is the final pattern in this collection (please note that if you're in the EU, your local VAT will be added to the pattern price. This money goes to your local government and is beyond my control).

This afternoon, I'll be back on Periscope with a tutorial on how to add a waste yarn to your sock for an afterthought heel. I'll also show you how to take out the waste yarn later. And later this week, I'll show you how to work a German short row heel.

Enjoy your day x

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