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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Reviews of Beaded Lace Knitting 1

It's now about two months since Beaded Lace Knitting was published and there are reviews popping up all over the internet. I'd like to compile these reviews into one location so I can refer to them quickly. If you come across a review, good or bad, let me know.

Carol Feller is an Irish designer and I love her designs. She reviewed my book on her blog recently. One of the things Carol pointed out was: 'Digging into the book the first part that struck me was the clear and very extensive technique section'.

Knitting About is a new to me website but it has lots of interesting articles about knitting related things including book reviews. Here's their review of my book

One of the things they said was: 'The projects are arranged in skill level order, so if you're completely new to beaded lace knitting you can start at the beginning and chose an easier project, while if you have more experience you can flip to the back for larger and more complex projects'

Their conclusion is: 'If you already love beaded lace, you're going to want to pick up this book. It has a nice variety of patterns and uses both beads and lace in different ways, which is fun. If you're new to the idea of adding beads to lace, this book is a great place to start, too, because of the well-organized projects. Start at the beginning and pick something that doesn't have beads all over it, and you'll soon have the confidence to knit some of the bigger projects'.

Peppermint Mocha Mama  is a fab blog which covers knitting and crochet. Here's her review of my book. If you think my book looks a bit daunting, if you think there's no way I can knit beautiful things like this, definitely read her review.  

This is her conclusion: 'By the time I had finished actually reading this book, I was thinking "okay, I think I can do this.  Actually, I know I can do this!"  So if you have been wanting to knit beaded lace  but are like me - a bit too intimidated - I highly recommend this book'. 

KRW Knitwear Studio is Karen Whooley's online home. She's an instructor, designer and author. Here's her review of my book.  

She says: 'The photos are clear and the instructions are written in easy to understand language.  Every abbreviation is listed and explained if needed.  If you prefer charts, she has included those as well.  Even a beginner can  easily follow along and expand their knitting skill set'

You can order a signed copy of Beaded Lace Knitting from me or you an order via Amazon (affiliate link), it's available on Kindle now too, and other online book sellers or ask your local yarn shop to get it for you. 

I'll do more review round ups at a later date. If you see any reviews posted around the web, do let me know.

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