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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Beaded Lace Knitting is here

My book, Beaded Lace Knitting, is here and if you follow me on social media you will already know that I've been sharing information about the book. The book has started shipping from Amazon US and according to Amazon UK it's not shipping until June but I'm expecting copies in early May. The first shipment of books is about to arrive at my UK distributor, Search Press. If you're a yarn shop owner and you want to stock my book, then contact Search Press for details.

This week, I've started listing the individual designs on Ravelry. The designs are listed there for information only and so that you can link your projects to the design page. The patterns will not be for sale on Ravelry. I've been asked about e-books and I've been told that it will be available on e-book platforms such as Kindle, Google Play Books etc in a couple of months.

Want to buy a signed copy? If you order Beaded Lace Knitting from me, you will get a signed copy. I'm taking pre-orders now and will ship the books as soon as I get them. Pre-order now then I will know how many to order and you're guaranteed to get your books quicker.

Let me introduce you to a few of the designs. One of my favourite, actually I have several favourites and this is one of them. Adelaide is knitted in Fyberspates Gleem Lace in a luscious colour which I just LOVE! It's a long stole but you can make it shorter if you prefer, just knit fewer repeats. Adelaide only takes one skein of Fyberspates Gleem Lace.

Alexia was knitted in Cascade Yarns Forest Hills which was a new yarn to me. When I requested the yarn from Cascade they were very friendly and sent me some other yarns to try out. And as a result I ended up using another Cascade yarn in the book. Alexia is knitted sideways into a shallow triangle. Knit until you've used up half the yarn then start the second half of the shawl. This makes it easier ot substitute the yarn if you need to.

Gillian is another one of my favourites. If you find shawls difficult to wear because they keep sliding off then Gillian is for you. It has the delicate look of a beautiful shawl but it's a poncho so it stays put. Gillian is knitted in Sweet Georgia Merino Silk Lace as a rectangle which is folded in half and seemed to create a poncho. Very easy and lovely to wear.

Lucinda is knitted in Cascade Yarns Heritage 150 Solids which is a sock yarn. It knitted up beautifully in this triangular shape. The beads in this shawl is enhanced by the diamond lace pattern. The triangular shape is created by working from the bottom up and the rows get shorter and shorter.

 So that's just a quick taster of what's in the book. Here's the Look Book if you want to see more and I'm gradually adding the designs to Ravelry here. You can pre-order a signed copy now. I want to say a big thank you to all my sample knitters. I couldn't have done this book without you.

Did you know that it's Yarn Shop Day on Saturday? I'll be at Spin a Yarn talking about my book and helping you with your knitting problems. I'll there from 10.30am to 2pm so do pop in and see me. Spin A Yarn are planning a yarn bombing event and are asking that you bring a knitted square of any size. If you do you get 10% off any yarn purchase on the day. What about donating some of your old swatches?

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