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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

More Mittens!

Thank you to all those who've bought my 'Vinter Votter' pattern. It's been selling like hot cakes since Monday. And now I've got another 'Selbu' inspired mitten pattern for you. 

These mittens are called 'Vaffel Votter'. Vaffel means Waffles in Norwegian and the main motif on these mittens remind me of Norwegian waffles (hm, all this talk of waffles is making me peckish. Wonder if Em will make us some waffles for lunch, she's home this week as it's half term holidays). Votter is the Norwegian word for mittens so 'Vaffel Votter' = Waffel Mittens.

The pattern comes in 2 sizes which will fit a range of hands from small ladies to large ladies/medium men. I'm modelling the large pair (green/yellow) below and Simon and I have the same size hands. Full size details on the pattern page.

I used Navia Duo for these mittens. I love this yarn from the Faroe Islands. It's a 4ply/fingering weight blend of  Faroese wool, Shetland wool and Australian lambs wool. It is perfect for stranded colourwork and it's still soft (and non-itchy). It doesn't feel all that soft when you knit with it but give it a bit of a soak in a good wool wash (I use Soak) afterwards and it softens up beautifully. I must admit I'm having a bit of love affair with this yarn at the moment. I'm hoping to be able to offer some kits for this pattern using Navia yarn soon.

I'm keeping the yellow/green pair for myself but I'm tempted to knit myself a grey/purple pair too. These mittens have a folded over picot hem. If you prefer a less feminine look, then instead of working the picot round, purl a round instead.

The thumb is an after thought thumb worked in a single colour which is a very easy to knit and fits great. Just don't make the same mistake as I did. One of the small mittens doesn't have a thumb. I got so carried away with knitting, I forgot to put in the waste yarn for the thumb. I recommend marking the chart row where you'll put the thumb waste yarn in, just so you don't forget.

If you're coming to my 'Selbu Mittens' classes at Sitting Knitting this Sunday or La Mercerie on Sunday 16th November then you'll get this pattern as part of the class.

'Vaffel Votter' is 50% off on Ravelry until Sunday 2 November 2014. No coupon code needed. It will be listed on Patternfish too.

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