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Thursday, September 04, 2014

The Lace Basics Pattern Bundle

A couple of years ago I wrote my Lace Basics - A Guide To Lace Knitting booklet. It's a basic how to instructional booklet for basic lace knitting. For the first edition we did all the how to photographs ourselves and I was never 100% happy with the quality of them. So earlier this summer I had the photographs re-done by local professional photographer Rob Frost. So I've gone through the entire booklet and updated the photos and some of the text.

Previously this booklet was only available as a print booklet from my website or my stall at shows. I wasn't able to sell it on Ravelry where I sell the majority of my patterns. All pattern listings on Ravelry need to include actual patterns and the Lace Basics booklet doesn't actually include any patterns. So I've created a bundle which consists of the Lace Basics booklet and four patterns: Zoe, Aurora, Ava and Cherish. This bundle is now available on Ravelry. You will get the pdf booklet and the four patterns as separate pdfs.

The Lace Basics booklet is available separately as a printed booklet (it's not available right now as I'm waiting for printed copies to arrive) for £5 (the printed booklet DOES NOT include the 4 patterns).

I thought long and hard about which patterns to include. I wanted to include patterns that were achievable for new lace knitters but also at least one pattern that was a bit more challenging (that's Ava). The patterns also needed to have different construction methods.So I chose Zoe, above, which is an asymmetrical triangle shape which is worked sideways, with beaded picots and a simple double yarn over stitch pattern.

Below is Cherish, which is another triangular shawl. Cherish is worked sideways in two halves which are grafted together in the centre to create a shallow triangular shape. The body is garter stitch with a lacy edging which is worked in one piece.

Aurora is a crescent shaped shawl worked from the bottom up. The wide lace border is worked first then the crescent shape is created by working a combination of decreased and short rows (no complicated wraps and turns or similar needed).

Ava is a little bit more challenging as it's worked in a slightly finer yarn and with an all over lace pattern. Ava is worked from the top down with a Faroese style shape and a crochet chain cast off (see my video demo if you've never done this cast off before).

As an introductory offer, this pattern bundle, which will normally be £10 is now available for £7.50 until 15 September 2014. No discount code necessary.

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