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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A great family day out spoiled

So this should have been Sunday's 'Making Me Happy' post but something happened on Sunday that made me very unhappy!

Sunday started quietly. I had been teaching on both Friday and Saturday so I was tired and decided to stay home from church. Simon went to church with Vanessa and I stayed home and did some knitting. After lunch, about 1pm, we headed up to Sibleyback Lake where we spend a lot of our Sundays in the summer. Simon's parents and his sister joined us.

Emily and I cycled around the lake twice, a total of 5 miles. We saw some sheep.

And cycled through beautiful colour. After a break in the sun I headed out on the bike on my own and cycled around twice more. Another 5 miles. Simon sailed, he and Emily kayakked. Vanessa went for a walk with her aunt. We sat around chatting. A lovely family afternoon.

Afterwards we headed to Simon's parents for a family BBQ. We sat in their garden. That's our dog, Sam, and her sister Bracken (at the front). They are from the same litter but look nothing alike.

Simon's parents' garden is lovely and relaxing.

At 9pm we arrived home. I put my bike away and went in the house and put my bag down in the hallway. Vanessa called out from the lounge 'Where's the TV?' I walked in to the lounge and the TV was missing. I went into the kitchen and the kitchen windown was wide open. Yes, we'd been burgled. A lovely family afternoon was suddenly ruined! After a quick look around we discovered that as well as our TV (which we bought last Christmas and which is only the second brand new TV we've bought in 23 years of marriage) Simon's iPad Mini (which he bought at Easter), his phone which also had his credit and debit card, drivers licence and some cash in it was also missing and £5 was taken from Emilly's purse in the hallway.

We checked upstairs and nothing was taken which was a huge relief. I'm not very good at backing up my work and my book is 90% done and if my laptop had been stolen I would have had a complete breakdown!

The police finally left at midnight. Monday morning started with a visit from crime scene investigators. They didn't find much. I spent a long time on hold to our insurance company. I felt numb and was extremely tired. The worst thing about this break in is the shock. All our neighbours I've spoken to since have been shocked too. Our little cul-de-sac is very quiet and we all feel very safe. Noone has alarms. Noone has ever had a burglary in the 17 years we've lived here. 

Yesterday I'd arranged to go cycling with a friend. I was glad to get out of the house and to take my mind off the burglary for a day. We cycled from Bodmin along the Camel Trail to Padstow. It's 11 miles each way. Last time I cycled this route was last autumn and I really struggled on the last 5 miles. This time was completely different. My fitness has definitely improved.

The trail was full of cyclists and Padstow was packed. We looked around and enjoyed a drink and an ice cream in an Italian restaurant overlooking the harbour.

My friend hasn't ridden her bike for over 2 years so she did a great job doing 22 miles on her first bike ride in such a long time. I bet she's sore today.

The weather was cracking but fortunately there was a bit of a sea breeze which cooled us down.

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Mairead said...

I am so sorry to read about your burglary. Such a horrible thing to happen, I know from experience you feel really violated. I hope they manage to catch the culprit/s.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mairead. Yes its horrible! But thankfully they didnt go through all our personal stuff like drawers of clothes etc. Just grabbed what he/she could carry & left!