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Monday, January 13, 2014

Warning: Socks are addictive!

I include the above warning in my workshop write up about my sock classes as a bit of a joke but socks really are addictive. It's an addiction I'd managed to break free from over the last few years but I've not fall into the sock trap again. I can think of worse addictions though. At least I now have warm feet.

Yesterday afternoon we decided to go to the cinema to watch the Mandela film. I immediately checked my Zauberball Crazy sock in progress. Was there enough knitting left to keep me occupied for the whole film? I was halfway through the gussett decreases on the top down sock and i know that a foot is not enough knitting to keep me occupied for a whole film. So I cast on and did a couple of rounds on a new pair of Regia socks.  I'm glad I did because I got to the toe quite quickly. I decided not to knit the toe during the film as I wanted to double-check I was happy with my cinema knitting before I finished the sock. I then picked up the Regia and got nearly half the leg done on that too. I'm making another ribbed pair.
This morning I finished the toe on the sock I knitted on yesterday and here's my finished pair. My second pair of new socks this year and 2 pairs out of my goal of knitting 6 pairs of socks this year. 
I love the colours in my new Regia pair and I know from experience that they wash well but I had my heart set on knittin another pair of Zauberball Crazy socks in a lovely green colour. I had a ball a few weeks ago. I know I did because I was considering using it for a new shawl design but I decided against it. And now I can't find that ball! I looked through my sock yarn stash yesterday and it's nowhere to be seen. 

I'm about to publish a new pattern, hopefully tomorrow. I'm giving you a heads up. Sign up to my newsletter and when I publish the design tomorrow (Tuesday 14th) and send out the newsletter you'll receive a fantastic offer on the new pattern.

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Unknown said...

Sock knitting really is addictive.

I started just over a year ago. Simply because I wanted to learn sock construction. I had no intention of knitting more than that single pair, but now I always have a sock on the needles.

That said, sock yarn is just as addictive as sock knitting itself. The colours! And it's relatively affordable as well (or can be).

Liz said...

It's too late for me - I am well and truly addicted!