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Monday, July 08, 2013

Glorious Weekend

 We've had an amazing weekend. Glorious weather. I love it! I love the sunshine and warm weather. Okay, the hot weather can be a bit of a nuissance if you're busy and have a lot of running around to do or working in my office in the afternoons (the sun moves around to the back of the house and my room gets very hot, even with the window open). 

We did try to take advantage of the good weather this weekend. On Saturday Simon and I walked up to Goldiggings on Bodmin Moor (that's Goldiggins in the distance - the pile of rocks). Goldiggins is a quarry filled with water and it's very, very deep. 
Simon used to swim there as a kid as he grew up nearby and when I first came over here, I worked at a riding stable just down the road and this was the are we used to go hacking in. The first summer I was here (working at the stables) we spent a lot of lazy afternoons at Goldiggings. These days I find the water a bit cold, although Simon assured me it wasn't that cold (I usually need Meditarranean August water temperatures to go swimming).
 Sam has swam in Goldiggins before but she's not keen on swimming and she kept looking out towards Simon but never jumped in.
 On the walk back we came across some friendly cows. We sat on a big granite rock taking a break and they were standing right in front of us, just looking at us. Think they were too hot to move.
 This cow was just a few feet away. I did worry Sam would try to chase them but I think she's learnt her lesson in the past. She's too old to chase cows now and was probably too hot.
On Sunday I spent the afternoon in the garden watching Tour de France live and knitting frantically as I had an aran weight Bluefaced Leicester wool sweater to finish. Unfortunately it was an all in one piece and I was on the second sleeve which meant I had a big pile of wool in my lap. I did sit in the shade all afternoon. Too hot in the sun.

I didn't do any spinning over the weekend as I was out both Saturday and Sunday evenings. But i did make up for it today. My plan today was to get my computer work done then go and sit in the garden and spin. Unfortunately it was 4pm by the time I finished pattern writing. I then had two scarves to block. So it was nearly 5pm by the time I sat down outside to spin. I did stay there till we had dinner at 7pm though.

I managed to talk Vanessa in to doing a quick photoshoot this afternoon too. We left it till 5.30pm but it was still too hot for her. And taking photos in bright sunshine is not easy to do. I'm hoping i got some useful ones. 

Here's a quick peak of upcoming designs - one is the July Lace Lovers Club pattern (still 2 spaces left - e-mail me if you want to join).
There are only 3 new designs there because the pink and green/lilac ones are the same design and will be published very soon hopefully. Maybe even next week.
The hot weather is going to last. For how long I've no idea but I'm making the most of it while it's here. I'm sure it'll be raining soon enough. This is Cornwall after all.

I haven't proofread this blog post, so please excuse any typos. It's nearly 10pm and I'm tired. Have to get up early tomorrow to tak Em to her work experience placement, leaving here at 7.45am. That's early for me! 

What did you do this weekend? Tell me in the comments!

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