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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Let's Knit 66 & Finishing Phobias

There's another issue of Let's Knit in the shops. I'm always surprised when another issue of Let's Knit hits my door mat. Just doesn't seem like a month since the last one came, which means time is going way too quickly for me this year.

And ofcouse, I've got a design in this issue too. This time I got to work with the gorgeous Louisa Harding Orielle which is a sparkly alpaca blend and delicious to knit with. I loved swatching with this yarn and was kind of sad when I had to hand it over to one of my fabolous knitters, Anita, to knit the actual sample for me.

Pia uses two shades of grey and a chevron stripe pattern to highlight this lovely yarn. The vest is fairly short with a deep rib. If you want it longer, just work more repeats of the chevron rib pattern before you start armhole shaping. You'll need more yarn though.

The best thing about this sweater is that it's worked in the round to the armholes, then the front and back are worked separately to the shoulders which are joined by working a three needle cast/bind off. Then the edgins around the armhole and v-neck are knitted on. This means no sewing up and minimal finishing. Just block it and weave in the ends and you're done. Perfect for knitters with 'finishing' phobia.

Do you have a finishing phobia? Although I love sweaters knitted in the round, I also love seams and I think good seams and other finishing techniques is something every knitter should learn. So I'm running my Profesisonal Finishing Techniques for Hand-Knitters online course again. Through videos and pdf photo tutorials (mostly videos though), you'll learn

  • how to block your garment pieces (wet block, steam block, lace and cables)
  • shaping tricks to make finishing a lot easier
  • how to sew up your garment using mattress stitch on the knit and purl side of the fabric
  • how to set in fitted sleeve caps
  • how to pick up for collars and button bands
  • how to knit one row button holes.
Leslie, who attended this workshop at Social Fabric earlier this year said: "A 'eureka' day with Anniken so simple and so obvious when you know how!!! My finishing will now be an exact science, rather than 'hit and miss'."

The course starts on 1 May and I've reduced the price to US $30 (approx UK £20 depending on exchange rate at time of booking). The spaces are limited so don't miss out and book your place now!

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