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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Winding Path

Winding Path was first published in The Knitter in issue 39 last year. Now it's available directly from Fyberspates and here's the Fyberspates blog post about Winding Path.

Winding Path is knitted sideways from Fyberspates Scrumptious 4ply which is truly scrumptious. It takes 2 skeins but as you increase until you've used up half your yarn then start decreasing it's quite easy to make it bigger or smaller. You could easily use one skein and make  scarf size shawlette.
Fyberspates have had new photos taken and they're gorgeous. The model is the talented Lily France who is a designer herself and has designed some amazing garments. Her Mum, Amanda, is the photographer. I love photographs of knitwear taken my knitters. They always seem to know how to make the design look it's best. (I'm talking about pro photographers here, not amateurs like me).
 Lily and Amanda have really made this shawl look it's best.

This shawl has a very simple pattern repeat with a scalloped edging which is knitted along with the main body, making it easy enough for lace beginners and a quick and easy knit for experienced lace knitters.
Fancy knitting this shawl? It'll be perfect for keeping you warm and cozy this winter. You can find the pattern here.

Which colour will you be knitting this shawl in? You can see the Fyberspates range here.

All photos in this post are used with permission from Fyberspates.

1 comment:

Grace said...

This is a beautiful shawl! If I made it, I would probably keep the same color to it; love that blue! Thank you for highlighting it!