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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Jordana Paige Tool Butler

I don't very often do reviews of knitting accessories but I do love the Jordana Paige Tool Butler so I thought I'd let you all know why.

I'd read a few reviews of the Tool Butler but wasn't sure if it was right or not. It's not cheap so I didn't want it to be a waste purchase. For the last few years I've been using Knit Pro interchangeable needles which come in a nice case.  I got rid of all my old needles and stocked up on all the extra Knit Pro needle tips I would ever need. The last summer I discovered ChiaoGoo Red Lace Circular needles and I love them so I have slowly been buying all the sizes I use the most and have quickly built up quite a collection of them. I do still use my Knit Pros occasionally. The problem was i didn't have a nice case for my ChiaoGoos. I could have bought a nice handmade circular needle case but they normally come with ties and I find them a bit of a hassle.  So I ordered the Tool Butler and I love it.

 It's quite bit and heavier than i thought it would be. But it is sturdy and feels like it's good quality. It has 2 main compartments. The first one I've used for storing cable needles, crochet hooks, some dpns, a pencil and stitch holders.
 The other compartment has several zipped pockets with space in between to put things too. There are a lot of things you can use these compartments for and each compartment has a label which you can write on.
 And this is where my ChiaoGoos come in. I've decided to use these compartments for my needles. I've divided them according to sizes and it makes finding the right needle size so much easier.
I also read a review where they suggested using each compartment for a pattern which is a good idea as it would hold it securely. Perhaps you could photocopy the pattern you're using to keep in your knitting bag then keep the original in a zipped compartment for safekeeping.

I got my Tool Butler from Tall Yarns n Tales. I did struggle to find Jordana Paige stockists in the UK. I do have my eyes on a Jordana Paige L.J Kaelms but I've been unable to find one in the UK and getting it shipped from the US will work out too expensive plus i'll probably get charged customs charges.

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