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Friday, August 24, 2012

Holiday Knitting

I'll start telling you about my holiday by talking about my knitting as that's probably what you're most interested in. Although some of you might like to see some pics of sunny Spain which I'm still missing terribly. It's raining here and it looks like summer is over, although I'm not sure we ever had one in Cornwall this year.

One of my main aims this holiday was to finish the first sample for the YarnAddict 2012 Mystery KAL which will be running in October. I knitted on this in the apartment and in the evening sitting on the balcony and I finished it. It's waiting in the blocking pile now.

 I decided to take a crochet project with me. It's made up of squares which i'd planed to join as i went. I did two squares before I left. The yarn is Lornas Laces Solemate which I've been desperate to try for months and it didn't disappoint. I took this in my travel bag, just in case they confiscated my knitting needles, I'd have a crochet project to work on on the plane instead. But my needles were safe and I didn't touch this. I didn't touch it in Spain either.
A couple of days before we came home I had finished the mystery shawl and I was desperate to start another shawl so I abandoned the crochet project and cast on for a shawl which I knitted on on the way home too and again, my needles got through security.  I used my ChiaoGoo Red Lace circs which are metal.

This is the progress now. This design will have an interesting twist which I'm hoping will work out. I only did a really small swatch before I cast on. I'm loving knitting with this yarn though.
I cast on for a new scarf using my Sweet Georgian Merino/Tencel handspun. This was my main travelling project on the way to Spain and i got a lot done.
 Once we were in Spain I didn't touch it much though. You can read more about this project if you scroll down to the post below. I really want to get this finished soon. Maybe this weekend....
I took a ball of my own Merino Plus to cast on for some socks to knit on the beach. Turned out I did very little knitting on the beach. Spent more time reading my Kindle (finished Northanger Abbey and started Persuasion by Jane Austen and a Debbie Macomber book, also finished listening to a Debbie Macomber audio book). This sock lived in my beach bag and saw no action in the apartment at all.
This project was cast on, pattern written out and ready to go but was abandoned during the last packing session. Our luggage allowance was only 15 kg between me and Simon and something had to go and I thought I had enough knitting as it was so left this at home.
 Once we got home I wasn't 100% happy with it so ripped it out and cast on again. I've done a couple of inches but the yarn over increases weren't look that good so ripped it out again. It's about to hit the frog pond again as the insertion lace pattern isn't working. Can't decide what to do instead but need to make a decision soon as I love knitting with this yarn which is my own Silky Camel 4ply.
 I didn't indulge in any yarn shopping in Spain. The only place I've found yarn there is in El Corte Ingles (which is a department store) and their yarn department is a small amount of cheap acrylic which isn't for me.

I did indulge in my other passion which is hand bags and bought two! I usually buy one hand bag in Spain but really push the boat out this time. They were both cheap though, only 20 euros each.

I got this gorgeous, large yellow bag in Murcia. It's perfect for carrying my knitting etc. I used it as my hand luggage bag on the way home and it was the perfect size for my mags, knitting, water bottle, cardi and hand bag.
 Not sure Sam agrees with me though. She doesn't look too happy when I tried to photograph it on Wednesday.
 In the nearest town to where we stayed, Torrevieja, there is a street market every evening.  Excuse the slightly blurry pic below. We visited the street market twice and it was packed both times. This is about 9pm darker than it looks in the pic.
Several stalls sold hand bags and I fell in love with this pretty, little bag. It's leather and it's perfect for when I don't want to carry too much. It'll fit a small purse, my phone, hair brush, lip stick and keys. The green is much brighter and prettier than the photos. I just couldn't get the colour right.
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