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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Interweave Knits Fall issue

Yes, I have a design in Interweave Knits. Knits is Interweave flagship knitting mag and a big deal to most designers and this is my first design for Knits and I'm so excited. This design is feminine, fun to knit, and uses a gorgeous yarn from a British yarn company.

 Last winter a Rowan parcel arrived with lots of Rowan Fine Tweed and one ball of Rowan Fine Lace. I quickly looked through my list of commissioned designs and panicked as I didn't have anything commissioned in this yarn and I couldn't even remember submitting anything in this yarn. I was wracking my brain trying to think of why anyone would send me a box of Rowan yarn. Later that day I had an e-mail from Eunny, the editor of Knits, commissioning this design and I was over the moon. I've wanted to have a design in Knits for ages.
 Sazerac is  fun knit. It's worked in the round which means most of it is just knitting so it's quick and you can take it along and knit on it anywhere as you just keep going. Some people think a lot of stocking stitch gets boring but when it's in the round I love it because you just keep knitting, no purling for those who don't like that. You can knit while chatting to friends, watching TV even at the cinema (or am I the only one who does that?).
 Sazerac features an elongated cross stitch pattern around the hem and around the yoke. The elongated cross stitch pattern is fun to knit and if you're worried about it, you can see my video demonstrating the technique here. There are two different sizes of elongated crossed stitches in this sweater.
 The sleeves and body are knitted separately in the round to the armholes then joined to work the circular yoke which is very quick as you regularly decrease the stitch count. A few rows of short rows shape the back neck.

You can find the Ravelry pattern page here. Get clicking on those hearts.
Here's the Interweave Knits preview page.

While knitting this sweater I kept thinking i'd love to knit one of these for myself. Not sure when I'll have time but it's on my to do list.


Sara Tomlinson Design said...

I love the main yarn colour and knitting in the round is a great idea.

Well done on get into Interweave great job.

Ali said...

I love the design and the colours. I'm very tempted to try out this pattern. It looks lovely on the model. Ali x

Ann said...

Congratulations. This was the 1st design that I was drawn to when I browse through my copy of IK. Love it.

itsanae said...

Yes, me, too. It was love at first sight and the first thing in this issue that I plan to knit. Congratulations on your first IK, may there be many more!

Blåbærlina said...

such a cute sweater!! I love it!
Lovely to know that there are other people who also knit at the cinema :O)