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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Holiday Knitting!

We're off on holiday tomorrow. Apart from last year, going to Spring Harvest at Minehead, Somerset has become an Easter tradition for us. We didn't go last year and we all really missed it so this year we're going again. I've not started packing yet, and we're off out tonight, but I have packed my knitting.

We'll be back on Tuesday so we're not going for very long and this is what I'm taking, don't think I'll be stuck with no knitting.
 First up is a secret project which i really need to finish while we are away. It's one that'll take a bit of concentration.
 I'm taking the Quince & Co Finch shawl I've been working on this week. I think I'll be able to finish this fairly soon.
 I'm planning to cast on for a new sock design. These socks are a bit different from most socks you see and will form the basis of a new sock workshop in the autumn.
 I'm planning to cast on for a new shawl design in the new Silky Camel Lace. It'll have beads and needs to be done by the end of the month so I'll need to put some time in one this while we are away.
This sock has been nearly done for ages and I could probably do it in an evening so this will be one of the first things I'm aiming to finish.
I'll tell you next week how well I got on with my knitting goals.

Happy Easter!


Ann said...

Your projects look interesting. Have a good Easter holiday.

Bryl said...

Very interesting projects & just love the bags! Happy Easter.

Bryl said...

Projects look good. Just live the bags! Must learn the Norwegian cast on but my computer is so awful that it won' the online course. Do you teach it in a class? Happy Easter

Not So Granny said...

I love all your neat little project bags.