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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cherish - Pattern Of The Week

We haven't had a Pattern Of The Week for a long time. I keep forgetting about it so I thought it was about time we had one again. Cherish was first published in Knitting magazine a year ago. 
 It's a sideways knitted shawl with a garter stitch body and lacy, wavy edging.
 The shawl is knitted from each end in towards the middle. The centre stitches are grafted together at the end.
The original Cherish was knitted in Artesano Inca Mist Colour: Sage. Inca Mist is a gorgeous 100% alpaca dk yarn. But this shawl can be knitted in any dk/sportsweight or 4ply/fingering weight yarn. In fact I fancy getting one knitted up in one of my sock yarns. You'll need 200gr for the size in the pattern but this shawl can be knitted out of any amount of yarn. Knit until you've used up half your yarn, then start the second half.
 The pattern has charts and written instructions.
 Thank you to Sarah for modelling this shawl. We did the photo shoot at the beach at Seaton which is the nearest beach to use. the tidy was way out and I ended up having to crop the pictures quite a lot as a fat, topless guy always seemed to walk past in the back ground. We took these pics in August on a really hot day. Bit too hot for alpaca but Sarah was a star.
You will find Cherish here and the promo code for 50% off is: cherish50. It's valid until Friday 18 November.

Happy Knitting x


marymaryquitecontrary said...

I love this shawl but have a lot on my plate at the moment. Thank you for holding on to the blue yarn. I have finished the baby shawl and the one hank was enough.

Anni said...

Thank you for letting me know, Marina. Would love to see pics.