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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

What a week!

Another long absence I didn't plan. If you follow me on Twitter you will know last that last Wednesday I was taken ill. We went to a BBQ at a friend's in the evening. We had a great evening. I had a sausage and a burger with some salad. Then I had a slice of pavlova and some apple pie. I didn't eat much as I started feeling a bit weird.

When we went to bed I felt like I had indigestion. I woke up at midnight with abdominal pain. Remember 2 weeks ago, the night before we went to London? I think I mentioned that i had severe stomach pain that night. I thought I had severe indigestion. Really, really severe indigestion. On Wednesday night i had the same kind of pain. But it quickly became much more severe. I was sick. By 2.30am the pain was so severe I wanted to pass out. I just didn't know what to do. Simon called the doctor and we were asked to go to the local hospital, which is only 2 mins drive away. I struggled in the car and i really struggled how to walk into the hospital. The doctor diagnosed gall stones and gave me a painkilling injection and an anti-sickness injection. The painkilling injection worked very quickly and by the time we got home the pain was easing. My Mum and my sister have both had gall stones so I suppose it wasn't a surprise I would get it too.

I'm now waiting for a scan on 1 September. In the meantime to avoid any further attacks I need to stay on a no-fat diet. No fat! that's easier said than done! But I'm trying really hard and haven't had chocolate, biscuits, crisps, red meat (apart from 1 table spoon of bolognaise sauce on my spaghetti on Sunday), cakes, cheese, or anything other high fat stuff since last Thursday. I'm hoping this will mean I'm loosing weight. Unfortunately our scales are not working so I don't know. I'm hoping to loose a considerable amount of weight before my scan.

This week is our church's annual Bible Week. Hundreds of people camp on our church field and there are kids clubs in the mornings, services in teh mornings and evenings. I'm in charge of running a craftstall after the morning and evening services. The stall looks great but I can't take any photos as i don't have a camera at the moment. Simon's is too big to drag around. But we have some GREAT  stuff this year. Simon and the girls are  camping. I don't do camping 10 mins from home. Unfortunately on Sunday Simon felt really unwell, he has a severe cold and chesty cough. He was sitting in the tent wrapped up in a thick dressing gown and shivering. It was raining and cold so we went home. simon spent yesterday in bed but is hoping to go back  today and camp again tonight and for the rest of the week.

I'm working hard on The Easy Lace Collection. It's now with the first proof reader and I'm proofing it too. It'll be going off to my second proof reader later this week. It should be ready next week. My gall stones attack meant I lost 2 days of work last week and we've officially been on holiday since Saturday, so even though I've been sneaking in some work it's difficult to get too much done.

I have released another pattern though, Fairytale.

If you pre-order the e-book you can download the 3 patterns released so far while you are waiting for the e-book. The e-book also includes a big how to section with photos and will teach you how to work decreases, yarn overs, add beads using a crochet hook, use lifelines and stitch markers, how to read charts, how to shape triangular and half hexagon shawls, and how to knit on edgings.

All the patterns are available individually too.


Ann said...

Hope you are feeling better. Fairytale looks great.

Alyssa said...

Sorry to hear about your health! I have gallstones as well, though not as severe as my grandmother and aunts. No fat diet is super easy for me, though - but I'm also on a low sodium diet as well, so most processed food is out for me.

Alyssa said...

So sorry to hear about your health! I also have gallstones, but not too bad. My grandmother had to have her gallbladder removed! Hopefully that doesn't happen to you. She's gone almost 50 years on a no-fat diet... Crazy!

Cybèle said...

Have fallen off Twitter a little lately, didn't realise you'd been this ill - hope you're feeling a bit better now! Good luck with the scan!

Steph said...

Oh no! Hope they don't continue to cause you problems. Look after yourself. x

Piecepatcher said...

Hope you can get relief from the pain Anni.
Just want to say also that your e-book patterns are superb:)

Rocksteady said...

So sorry to hear of your health problems, I have had gall stones and I vividly remember the intense pain of an attack. I've now had my gall bladder removed and feel so much better. I pray you have a good result from the scan and no flare ups again. Love the new book.