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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

All about crochet.. almost

I've been hooked on crochet (sorry for the pun) for the last couple of days. I started making a granny square blanket out of my stash of Artesano Superwash Merino and when I went to Spin A Yarn yesterday I picked up a few more colours I didn't already have.
The pic is not great, it's taken on my mobile.

This is my progress since last time:
I'm trying not to use the same colours in the same sequence more than once. I wish I had a yellow and red but there isn't a yellow in this yarn and the red is too dark.

I have done a bit of knitting too and cast on for this little shawlette, the last design in the Easy Lace E-book:
This was my swatch from a couple of days ago. I decided on the charcoal beads in the end and I've done a few repeats. I'll get pics for next time.

Excuse the short post. I'll post more knitting progress including my machine knitting progress in a couple of days. I've made a lot in the last month.

1 comment:

Sea said...

"granny squares" are addictive. When I was younger I made three, or was it four bedspreads from them. mine were assembled after completing all the squares.
I love "using up my stash" throws/blankets...each yarn has a story behind it.