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Saturday, May 07, 2011

Pattern Of The Week - Midnight Stole

It's time for a Pattern Of The Week offer again. This week it's The Midnight Stole. Get 50% off this pattern if you purchase it form my Ravelry pattern shop by using promo code: midnight. Valid until 14 May only.  

The Midnight Stole is not my easiest shawl. I would say it's intermediate/advanced. The lace pattern is charted but also has written instructions (which were added this week). The shawl starts with a provisional cast on and the centre panel is worked first.  The edging is knitted on sideways and goes all the way around the shawl. No sewing but you will need to graft the beg and end of edging together. The shawl is beaded but beads are optional. They're added using the crochet hook method. Instructions are included in the pattern.

This pattern is a real show stopper and always gets a lot of attention at shows. In fact we had to hide it at Wonderwool as we sold out of the pattern on the first day.

Next time i'll share shawls that need test knitters and some spinning progress. 
Have a lovely weekend x

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