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Monday, April 25, 2011

A shop update and handspun shawlette

First, I cast on with my latest handspun. It was a bit of an impulse decision when  I needed a break from my current deadline knitting. It turns out that chunky knitting aggravates my neck/shoulders more than I realised. Which is not good as I need to finish it tomorrow. It's knitting up quickly though. I did a whole front in 2. hours while watching Badminton Horse Trials this afternoon.

I love elongated stitches. There are so many ways of using them to create different stitches and effects. On this shawlette I decided to use a half-hexagon shape as the basis but cast on many more stitches than the 9 I normally cast on for a half hex shawl. I'm using two different types of crossed elongated stitches.
I wasn't able to pin it out properly as I'm getting too many stitches on the needles already. It's knitting up quickly and don't have to think about it too much.
This handspun is BFL/silk blend and I ended up with 258 m/100gr and 15 wpi. It's very unevenly spun, some sections are very thin and some are much thicker. Much more uneven than I realised when I was spinning the singles. Must do better next time. I love the colours though.

I've managed a small shop update today. Just laceweight. We have a few skeins of Silken Lace (more of that next time):
Some Supreme Lace:
Some Dreamy Lace:
I also had one skein of Twinkletoes in a gorgeous dark grape/purple colourway which I'm thinking about keeping for me.
I'm about to send out a newsletter with a special offer. And there will be a Pattern Of The Week later this week.

Girls go back to school tomorrow. I'm looking forward to some time catching up on stuff.


Sea said...

The shawl looks beautiful.....I wonder...I find my arthritis is worse when I am knitting a large garment with chunky wool. I have been making a baby jackey in Dk and my hands aren't aching anywhere near as much, even though a firmer fabric is being created.

Sea said...

sorry that should have said baby jacket

Sara Tomlinson Design said...

Lovely colours as always.