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Monday, April 18, 2011

Lightning Shawl

I just picked up a copy of the new issue of The Knitter and my 'Lightning Shawl' is in this issue. Juliet (the Knitter editor) already told me the pics were beautiful and wow, I love the pics. they really show off the shawl beautifully. My shawl is on the front page - a tiny little pic in the bottom left-hand corner.

The zig zag lace of this design is inspired by lightning and has beads following the lines of the lace pattern. I chose 6 different colours beads and when I chose them I wasn't sure if they would work together. I spent ages at The Bead Room in Totnes trying to decide on colours. But they worked perfectly once I started adding them to the knitting.
The knitted on edging also has beads added. The edging is knitted on sideways at the end into the live stitches instead of casting off.

This shawl is a half hexagon shawl worked form the top down and takes just 1 skein (100gr/800m) of Silken Lace. I had planned to dye some Silken Lace last week but due to deadline knitting I never got around to it. It's on the to-do list tomorrow and should be in the shop on Thursday. You can also use Supreme Lace and Silky BFL Lace and there is plenty of those in the shop now. Angel Lace and Bambino Lace are also suitable but they're sold out.

Here's a close up of the beads:

And the edging:
The beading feels a bit clumsy to start with but you quickly get used to it. I worked on this shawl, including adding beads, on the coach when Vanessa and I went to The Clarks Village at Street in November. yes I knitted lace with beads on the coach. I wouldn't recommend it. I think there were quite a few beads on the floor when we got back to Plymouth.
The Knitter is in the shops now.

I've finished two deadline projects and i'm looking forward to a night of relaxing non-work knitting. I'll show you what I decide to work on later in the week. It may be a design that's been on the needles since Spain last summer.


Pixie said...

Woweee gorgous shawl and I had trouble with beads on the sofa, let alone trying on a coach! your hard core for sure lol

Enjoy your non work knitting evening

Sea said...

:( my latest copy of "the Knitter" has still not arrived! :( I know it ain't your fault...

Anonymous said...

Mine only came on Wednesday. I bought one in the shops because i was so desperate to see it. LOL.

Sea said...

Latest "The Knitter" still not here?