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Monday, February 28, 2011

Pattern Of The Week - Mountain Peaks Set

This set was first published in Yarn Forward at the end of 2009. I've been trying to get the pattern ready for sale for months. It's finally done. It's a fun pattern to knit. The stitch pattern creates a very interesting double sided fabric but is a bit challenging, especially for the handwarmers.
It took me a long time to convert this stitch pattern from flat knitting to knitting in the round for the handwarmers.
both sides of the fabric:
thank you to Vanessa and her guitar for modelling for me.
Get the pattern here. And for until Sunday night it's 50% off. Use discount code: mountain. Valid in my Ravelry shop only. The pattern is £3 and requires 2 100gr skeins of sock yarn. You can knit the scarf out of one skein but I recommend having 2 skeins and knitting handwarmers first then using left overs from first skein and whole second skein for the scarf to get a longer length.

The girls went back to school today and about noon I had a phone call from their tutors to say the school was shutting for the day and kids all being sent home. The fire alarm went off and it was a false alarm but apparently they can't re-set it so can't rely on it going off if it was a real fire this afternoon so kids had to be sent home. Great! Girls love it but I don't! I just hope they're open again tomorrow as i've got plans.

I had lots of plans for today. Yarn dyeing was on the list and has had to be abandoned as i woke up with a horrendous headache and neck pain. It eased after taking painkillers and then came back when the pain killers wore off. I took more painkillers and lay on the floor to stretch out my back and the pain is back under control now but I'm pretty sure it will come back this afternoon. I have a meeting I have to go to this afternoon and going to Spin A Yarn for knitting group tomorrow so I really want to get this awful headache under control and yarn dyeing will almost certainly make it worse.

Yesterday we had a nasty virus attack on my laptop. Simon spent most of the afternoon trying to fix it and when he thought he'd done it he re-started laptop to install a service pack and then the virus attacked again.  He was still working on it when I went to bed last night. Fortunately it's fixed now but it meant I didn't get any planned pattern writing done yesterday.

Did lots of swatching this weekend but still more to do. Need to finish the front of my current secret project today. Only have one side of v-neck left to do which shouldn't take long. Then want to start sleeves so I can work on those tomorrow while i'm out. Would like to finish this garment on Wednesday but NEED to finish by Thursday. Also have 4 garments in total to sew up this week, although two only have side seams to do.

Have you noticed I tweet now? See the side bar. I've never quite understood the point of Twitter and i'm still not sure i do but it's very addictive and I tweeted quite a lot this weekend. Not sure if people are interested in hearing that I ate Shepherds Pie and watched Dancing On Ice last night or that I woke up with a headache but it is fun. Still don't quite get the point of it though.

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peneller said...

I've almost finished knitting my Amore shawl and so I need a new challenge. This pattern looks as if it will fit the bill! Your patterns are lovely and the instructions are really clear. Keep them coming!