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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Pattern - Elegance

The Elegance Scarf pattern is ready and you can buy it here. It'll be on Patternfish soon too. here are some more pics I took earlier:

As an introductory offer I'm doing a £1 off on this pattern if purchased before 15 November on Ravelry. You don't have to be a Ravelry member to purchase. Use discount code: Elegance. click here for pattern. The scarf takes one skein of sock yarn. I used Silky Camel 4ply. There are two versions, one with straight edges and one wiht a lacy edging as seen in photos. The first version is very easy and the other one is fairly easy too. Perfect for lace beginners or as a quick knit for more experienced knitters.

I've been going through my patterns and printing some copies for Fibre Flurry. And in the middle of updating a pattern on Ravelry I noticed that my Strawberry Patch Stole  had never been listed there. It is now and you can find it here. It's also been listed on Patternfish but not activated yet. 

I knitted the original for my sister but I'll be getting a new sample knitted up so I can get some better outside pics.

Feeling a lot better but tons of work to do before Fibre Flurry. Yarn drying, yarn to label and everything to pack. Also have to finish 2 patterns before we go. Busy, busy, busy!! I should be panicking but strangely I'm not. Got a shawl to block before going to bed. It's nearly 11.30pm and I can barely keep my eyes open.

Nite x

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