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Friday, September 24, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

This week has been incredibly busy, mainly because i've been out of the house too much. Machine knitting group, knitting group, massage appointment, various errands. And on Tuesday I decided to take the train to Totnes and meet a friend for lunch. We had a great day with lots of catching up (not seen each other since July), lots of knitting and a lovely lunch. Debbie, who did some knitting for me recently, joined us for a little while as well. She does knitting for Louisa Harding and showed us two of the latest LH publications and the garments she'd knitted. they were beautiful. Travelling by train is very nice. it took  an hour which is hte same time as it takes to drive. It did cost quite a bit more though. Especially as we're a long way from the station so had to take a taxi both ways.

A week ago I spent the day at the Cornwall Yarn shop in Launceston teaching a lace workshop. I've not been for a few months and Rebecca has increased her stock since the last time I visited. she has lots of gorgous yarns, lots of pattern books and some lovely accessories. Ofcourse I spent some money there.
At Iknit I wanted to buy a 'Herdy' mug but decided not to. Had planned to order it from the website when I got home. But Rebecca stocked them so I snapped one up. Isn't it cute?

I also bouth a cute little button tin. a ball of Rowan Amy Butler Belle Organic and Lang Jawoll Magic which is a sock yarn. I only got one ball of each and they're both for swatching for new designs. I've already done quite a bit of swatching with the Belle Organic. I also bought a bottle of Soak.

Last weekend I did a whole lot of swatching. Lots and lots and lots of it. I've still got more swatching to do but I'm also working flat out on a secret project which is due next week and I'm starting to panic a little. Today I got to chart B and although it worked out perfectly on my swatch, now that I'd added several more reps, the chart didn't work out with my stitch count. I spent most of the morning trying to re-do it and failing miserably. I then turned my attention to a new pattern that Pixie is knitting for me. She's been waiting all week for the pattern. I couldn't find my original swatch (I need a new filing system for swatches, any ideas? I have hundreds of them and they're all over the place). I searched through my note book for the chart for the swatch and couldn't find the chart either. I know it's in there somewhere. So I ended up doing several swatches trying to work out from my photos of the swatch what the stitch pattern was. I got there in the end yesterday but it took hours of swatching in between other jobs. I then started on the pattern which has some unusual waist shaping. I finally worked that out, so now it remains to be seen if it works as I think it will.

Late this afternoon, I turned my attention to the lace chart again and eventually managed to work out a transition chart and a new chart. Each chart has about 48 rows so they're both big. My shawl has over 400 sts now and there is still lots more to go. This evening the knitting seems to have been going smoothly so I'm hoping my problems are over as far as this project is concerned.

I've done a shop update this week. I've been trying to get around to it all week. I've hardly touched e-mails all week either so I'll have fun this weekend trying to catch up on that.

Here's a few gems from this week's update which can be seen here.

Supreme Lace Toybox:
 Supreme Lace Fuschia:
 Bambino Sock Harvest:
 Bambino Sock Yummy - I was seriously considering keeping this one and there is every chance I may change my mind at any minute and take it out of the shop and into my stash.
 Bambino Sock Blue Jeans;
 Silky Merino Violet Dream:
 Silky Merino Vintage Rose:
 Silky Merino Auqarius:
 Bambion Sock Vintage Rose - another colourway I'm desperate to keep for myself. I really fancy a scarf in this colourway.
 Silky Camel Semi Precious:
Have a good wekeend. I'll be knitting and dyeing yarn, antoher job I've been putting off all week.

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