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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Look

Anyone noticed my new look blog? I think I quite like it. I especially like having two sidebars to put stuff in. I need to re-organise them a bit more. It'll gradually get that done over the next few weeks.  Thank you to those who volunteered in the previous post to knit for me. I'll be in touch. French Natalie, can you give me your e-mail address and I'll get in touch. I still need some more volunteers though so if you fancy some knitting, read the post below and leave me a comment. I remembered I need a new version of Strawberry Patch knitted up too. the original went to my sister and I'd love a sample to take to shows with me. Any volunteers?

On Saturday I spent some time doing my 'domestic goddess' again and chopped up and cooked the rest of the big washing up bowl of apples I'd picked the weekend before. I've made and frozen apple pie filling in portions. so when we fancy an apple pie I've got the filling all ready. Okay, perhaps I'm not quite a domestic goddess yet after all.

I've also done lots of knitting. This mohair project is off the needles, blocked and ready to post.

Which left me free to start knitting with this gorgoeus yarn.

I love it. It's a silk blend and almost knits itself. Pixie started it but the stitch pattern was causing her some pain so I took it over. I'm pleased i did as while I was knitting yesterday I looked at it and thought it looked a bit big. So  I double checked my tension and it was a bit off. This is the problem with some stitch patterns. Sometimes the tension can be different on a small 10x10cm square compared to a size 10 width. you get a more accurate tension reading if you measure it over a larger piece of knitting. Some yarns also stretch, especially silk yarns. So I recalculated and re-started. I've not frogged the original yet but I will later today. Sorry Pixie. I've nearly caught up to where Pixie stopped though so not too much time lost.

On Sunday I watched the Formula 1 Grand Prix and was pleased Louis Hamilton won although it was a shame that Jenson Button went out, he is my favorite. While watching TV I worked on my crochet shawl. I decided on which colour to use to work the small squares between the hexagon shapes. I need to make some small alterations but I did fit one in to make sure it fitted okay.

and a close up
Pictures where taken with the scarf on the armrest of my chair so it's not veyr good and colour is way off.

I've still got 2 or 3 hexagons to make and then I need to work out how many small squares I need. And decide how to finish the scarf off. I'd like to finish it this week but definitely before we go to London next week.

One thing I've never been happy with are my pattern photos. I keep taking new ones and never getting it qutie right. the ones I took recently of my new Simplicity shawl looked much better and i used Simon and Vanessa's SLR camera for that one .I did some with my camera too and the SLR ones were much better. I had hoped there would be a photography course in the local adult education booklet but havent found one yet. Anyway, I had a photoshoot in the garden yesterday using the SLR camera. I'm wondering whether finding someone to model for me would produce better photos but for now I've used my trusty dress form.
Here's a selection of photos:

Midnight Stole:
I acutally managed to capture the beads which I'm pleased with.

Another version of Midnight Stole without beads.

I'm also working on updating my patterns wiht new photos and Knit Visualizer charts for those that don't have them. I also want them to follow my new pattern style sheet. A lot of work so I'm chipping away at it between other jobs.  I'm also trying to set up E-junkie to sell downloadable pdfs on my website as I'm not happy with hte system i have now. Still got lots of patterns to upload too and I'm keen to get it all sorted by the end of September.

The yarn I dyed on Friday dried on the line this weekend as the weather was mainly dry. I've not had time to take photos today but I will do tomorrow and do an update tomorrow. Just a small one. Expecting a big order of yarn tomorrow so a bigger update with lace and sock yarn next week.
Here's a sneak preview of what was drying on the line this weekend (I do wonder what my neighbours think when they walk past my washing line, it normally has more yarn on it than clothes).


Pixie said...

I love your new look.. very clean and squish!

Oh yummy on those apples, love apple puds and our fav is apple crumble.. either with a normal topping or a oaty one.. ummm might have to get some cookers ;)

No worries on the gold silk.. one thing its been nicely wound for you lol and happy knitting with it and I got to knit with the red.. which I know you wasn't keen on and me I loved the colour.

Gorgeous photos of your shawls.. love how the beads show up..

I would love to be your neighbour to see all that yarn drying.. far better than someones undies lol

Auntie Noo said...

Love the new look. The photos of your shawls are gorgeous, can't believe you managed to get the beads to show - awesome!

Joyce across the Pond said...

I love the new look and am ashamed I didn't comment before you awful of me...yes, when I got used to where everything was it is fine. Wish I had time to knit -anything at all.Lovely photos - in my book there is nothing wrong with them at all...and as for all that lovely yarn - augh I want it all but no time to knit at the moment even though the nights are drawing in.

Ann said...

Your new look is great. Love the pictures of the Midnight Stole. Will love to knit for you but unfortunately I am living on the other side of world.