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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Crochet and a bit of yarn

Let's take a look at the yarn first. I'd hoped to do a shop update yesterday or today but time has run away from me. I've had dyeign to do and pattern writing to do and parcels to wrap up and ran out of time. So there may be an update tomorrow or if not, definitely on Thursday. I've done the photos, I just need time to sit down and edit them and actuallly do the update. Here's a sneak preview of what's coming in the next update.

Supreme Lace which now has a new base yarn and is equally as gorgeous as the old verson:

Merino Plus:

I've also got some Pure Silk Lace and Ocean Silk 4ply drying.

it was on the line on Saturday but was only half dry by the end of the day and has been drying inside since as we've had rain. With no heating on (as it's supposed to be summer) yarn takes forever to dry and this yarn is nowhere near dry.

In fact I'm getting a bit worried about drying facilities. I dyed 5 kg of Angel Lace and Fantasy Sock today and with rain forecast again for tomorrow I'm going to have an awful lot of wet yarn hanging around. I may have to put hte heating on to speed up drying. I'm praying for sun on Thursday and every day thereafter until I finish dyeing yarn for Woolfest.

Now, on to crochet. The new issue of Inside Crochet came on Saturday.

 My first crochet design is due in hte next issue of Inside Crochet and there was a preview pic on the back page:

It's a Flower Square blanket worked in YarnAddict Fantasy Sock in agorgeous Silver and Starry Night colourways. I can't wait to see it in the mag.
Next issue is not out till August, in fact it'll probably arrive when we're on holiday. I got my crochet hook out on Saturday to test an excisting design and got a bit carried away. While I was holding the hook I started playing with some new shapes and came up wiht a couple of things I can't show you but Ialso came up with this beautiful hexagon shape:

I decided I wanted something knitted up in Ocean Silk for Woolfest and had planned on trying to whip up a small lace scarf but decided to try crocheting with it instead. Wow!! it's beautiful to work with.  I just love it. It's soft, delicate and feel almost laceweight like although it's a 4ply. Perfect for those who want delicate lace but are a bit nervous about a laceweight yarn.

colours are way out as the pics were taken yesterday evening.

I decided to mix 2 colours. I'm not quite sure how to arrange the hexagons yet and I may not have time to finish the whole scarf before Woolfest. I'm limiting myself to one hexagon a day as I've got deadline knitting to be getting on with.

I'm toying with the idea of a crochet club. In fact I've been thining about it for a while. I'm thinking of doing a club that runs for 3 months and each month there will be yarn for one part of a big project using various shapes. For example, let's say i decide on a blanket, month one and two would probably contain one or two skeins of sock yarn to make up shapes for the blanket and the third month would have the yarn for the edging.  this is still in the planning stages but I'm working towards a September start.  Watch this space!

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1 comment:

LizzieK8 said...

Hey! Thanks for thinking of the crocheters! Great idea for a club. I'm working multicolored hexies right now at my LYS.