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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Crochet and a bit of knitting

I'm in the middle of re-organising my blog. I've uploaded the new template but everything else needs sorting out so please bear with me.

I've been doing a lot of crochet for the last few days. I started this Curly Wurly scarf last week. I don't know how many hundreds of stitches I had in the end but it was a lot, the last row, which was double trebles, took me forever. I was very relieved when I finished at 10pm last night. The yarn is a merino/silk blend which I'm pretty sure is from Fyberspates (although it was unlabelled) and Ibought it from a bargain bin at Fibre Fest 3 or 4 years ago (the very first FibreFest). I've always loved this colourway and never quite known what to do with it. I had originally planned a shawl but then last week I decided to start a Curly Wurly scarf.
And here is the full length, I've not woven in the ends yet.
I've done some knitting too. I thought I might have managed to finish the Baby Surprise jacket over teh weekend but Iwas too distracted with the crochet. But I'm making good progress:
The yarn is Araucania Ruca (100% sugarcane) and it feels soft and silky. It's an easy knit and I've done several inches on it this morning as I'm incapable of coping with anything too taxing today.

I had a great day yesterday and got lots of pattern work done. I finished writing up two patterns, one was my Knitty submission. It took me most of the day and then at the end of all that, I did a shopupdate. That is an awful lot of computer work. I didn't think I'd be able to cope with it but I sat in my comfy armchair with the laptop on my lap and took regular breaks. it seemed to be going okay and I managed to finish what I had to do but last night I was suffering. I woke up about 3am and got up at 4am to take painkillers. I stayed up as I was in too much pain to stay in bed. By the time the girls left this morning I was in too much pain to sit in my comfy armchair too. So I took more painkillers and went back to bed. I read for a while but after an hour I was in too much pain to sleep. So I've tried to move around gently this morning and do some relaxing knitting. I'm in my comfy chair again with the laptop on my lap. At the moment i can't manage much more than 5 mins at the desk. it seems that the long time at the computer yesterday was too much for me after all.

As I spent so long on the two patterns which had to be finished yesterday i didn't manage to get the lace variety club ready for posting. I'm working on it today and it will be posted out tomorrow as I don't have the car today and there are too many parcels for me to carry to the post office. I have to walk into town later as Vanessa has doctors appointmetn after school and to be honest I'm not sure I can manage to walk in to town and back again the way my back is now.

Enough about my miserable back. It's made me feel quite down today but that's because the pain is bad and I'm very, very tired.

I've started working on my next secret project. I ran through the calculations quickly in the early hours of this morning and started knitting then realised it looked far too wide. So a quick re-jig of the numbers and I'm ready to start again. This is another summer knit in a gorgeous summer yarn I've never used before. I'm definitely changing my mind about this summer knitting. Being from Norway, I'm a winter knitting type of person and found designing for summer a bit of a challenge but I'm loving it now. There are so many gorgeous summer yarns out there. I'm not a cotton lover although some of the new cottons are very good. Now there is so many other summery blends out there.


Joyce across the Pond said...

Oh dear...I sympathize with you about the DH is suffering too but that is the result of him going out and doing too much gardening in the cold weather. Hope your back and his get better very quickly as our son has 300 saplings to plant next week and needs his Dad to help. Love the scarf and interested in the baby jacket....the shape is....interesting...could you enlighten me?

Tama said...

I am making a surprise jacket also! I will post a picture of it when it is finished. Be sure to stop by and see it. Yours looks wonderful! Mine should be done today or tomorrow.

Piecepatcher said...

Love your new-look blog:)
best wishes