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Friday, January 15, 2010

New Yarn Forward

There is a new Yarn Forward issue coming out any day now and you can find the preview here.
See the green lace tunic on the front? IT'S MINE!!!! This is my first cover design and I'm so EXCITED. Okay, so i'll be even more excited when I see the magazine in the news agents, which I think will be sometime next week. Can't wait to go in to my local newsagent and pick up a copy of a magazine with my design on the cover.

Here's my photos of the Lilia Tunic:

It's worked in Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend and features a pretty lacy rib pattern and subtle shaping which is done using different needle sizes. The lacy rib gives the tunic shape and good fit.

A parcel arrived the other day with several of my recent designs for Let's Knit. One of the designs that came back was the King Cole Alpaca sweater. It's a size 10 so doesn't fit me but my Mum mentioned she liked it so I htought I might send it to her. But then I got Emily to try it on and it fits her, although it's a little long in the body. She loves it. It's soft and gorgeous and she's lived in it over the last week during all the days she had off school while we had snow. Doesn't she look cute? (she's 11 by the way and I'm slightly shocked that an adult size 10 fits her as she's fairly slim.

Talking about snow. We had more snow this week and more school closures. The girls went to school on Monday. Then on Tuesday school was closed again, there was heavy snow forecast from about lunchtime onwards but until 2pm we had rain for most of the day. At around 2pm it started to sleet and by 3pm it was snowing and starting to settle. I was fuming for most of the day. Considering that the snow started late I think school could have been open. They might have wanted to close at lunchtime to be on the safe side. On Wednesday they were closed again, but the girls have been backto school since yesterday. Emily has had 6 days off in two weeks and Vanessa has had 5 days off. My personal feeling is that on at least 3 of hte days the school closed, they could have been open. Both the local primary schools opened. I was very angry about all this earlier in the week and ranted about it a lot, so I won't go on about it now. I just hope we don't get any more snow this winter.

I'm in the middle of doing a shop update. You can see all the new arrivals here. And there are still some yarn left in the sale. I've listed some Super Merino Sock Yarn and I'm currently lising some Bambino Lace. I've dyed more yarn today so there will be another update on Monday. The yarn for the Lace Variety Club has finally arrived (delayed by the snow) and I've dyed it today so parcels will go out on Monday.

Here's a picture of the Super Merino sock yarn I've listed today, some gorgeous colours there:

I'm off to Bovey Tracy tomorrow to visit Spin A Yarn and to meet up with my friend Marianne. We've had to cancel several times now due to snow and school being closed, so i'm looking forward to a day out tomorrow. We'll be having lunch at the Devon Guild of Craftsmen and do some knitting and lots of chatting and ofcourse we'll be visiting Spin A Yarn.

Have a nice weekend x


Pixie said...

Whooo for you.. I am so excited for you and it looks gorgeous.. is that a DK weight yarn?

I will have to look out for it on show.

You have had a time of it with the snow and have fun shopping tomorrow.. Spin a Yarn has a sale on so I have heard..

Have a great weekend xxx

Piecepatcher said...

Congratulations on the cover pattern! It looks really really good. I'll be looking for it in the shops...probably be 3 months here though.
those are lovely colours of sock yarn that you've added:)
Hope the weather improves

Cybèle said...

I got my issue yesterday when I came back from Holland and was going to mail you to say how much I like your design. Very very nice, love the colour and the stitch pattern. Very tempted to cast on...
Hope your snow has disappeared now, we haven't got any left!

dreamcatcher said...

Got my YF a couple of days ago, love the sweater and congrats on it being the cover piece!