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Saturday, January 09, 2010

New Let's Knit & Snow

The new issue of Let's Knit arrived a couple of days ago. I wasn't expecting it till next week so it was a nice surprise. The new issue is full of gorgeous stuff as usual and ofcourse I've got a pattern in it.
Part 3 of the mystery baby blanket was published this month and is basically the border around the blanket. There are also pictures showing the complete blanket. It was quite a challenge to design this project. I wanted each part to be individual but also look like it was part of one design.
So for the first half I decided to do butterflies for the centre and a trellis design for the sides. The area between the trellis and the butterflies is the same on both halves.
For part 2 the trellis runs into a different trellis pattern and it was a challenge to make this transition seamless. Instead of butterflies I used lace hearts as the main motif on this half. The blanket starts with a provisional cast on in the middle and half one is knitted. You then go back to the middle and pick up sts from the provisional cast on and knit part 2 in the opposite direction. Part 3 is the border which is attached as you knit it. The yarn is Bambino Sock but any sock yarn/ 4ply yarn can be used. I've still got some pairs of yarn on offer dyed especially for this project. Unfortunately when I placed my last order my supplier was sold out of Bambino Sock. I'll have some more pairs of Fantasy Sock for this offer on Monday. You can find the Let's Knit Mystery Blanket Deal here.
My second design this month was the gorgeous Miyu cashmere scarf. I used my own Amazing Cashmere Lace but Luscious Lace can also be used. Both yarns are on sale right now. And if you bought the magazine and look on page 53, there is a special discount code you can use to get an extra 15% off. You need to buy the magazine to get the discount code though.
Unfortunately an error was made and the second page of the pattern is missing. Let's Knit has put the complete pattern on their website and you can find it here.Did I say the scarf only takes one skein? And it's quick and easy to knit. And as the pattern is now basically available for free online, it's the perfect chance to knit a quick winter warmer.
We've had snow. It snowed on Tuesday and although we've had no new snow since the snow has stayed on the groun. Normally when it snows here it's melted within a day or so but not this time. This is the picture outside our house yesterday morning:
The road has not been gritted and as we're on a hill and need to go down a long hill and then up another steep hill to get out of our road we've been unable to get the car out since Monday. Yesterday they finally gritted the road so this morning we could drive to get some shopping. It's been a bit of a pain this week to not been able to use the car. More snow is forecast tomorrow.
The worst about this snow is that the school has been closed. The girls went back on Monday, then were off on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Vanessa had to go back on Friday as the school decided to open for years 10 and above but not for younger children. I don't quite understand the logic of this decision but Emily was pleased. It's even more strange as both primary schools in Liskeard opened on Thursday and Friday. Closing schools with so little snow is very frustrating for me. Being a Norwegian I never had a single day off school because of snow. I know this country is not prepared to deal with snow like Norway is but the school could at least open for kids who live close enough to walk. And most main roads have been fine all week. I could go on and on but I want. The kids are fed up with me moaning about the school this week.
Between Christmas and New Year I came across a Giant Granny Square KAL on Ravelry. I've been thinking of knitting a giant granny square for a few weeks so I decided to join in. I did most of the work on this one on New Years Eve and I've not done any since as I've had urgent knitting projects to do. I decided to use Manos Silk Blend as I have a lot of this in my stash. Here's a close up: And here's the whole thing so far. I've planning to make it big enough to use as a blanket.
Emily asked me if I could teach her to crochet a granny square and this is her first attempt:
I decided to block it like I block lace as her tension is quite loose and she used a big hook. It made it look lovely. she used Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran and Lang silk/merino blend.
I finally managed to dye some yarn yesterday and the next update will be on Monday. I also dyed some yarn for a cardigan I want to knit on my knitting machine. I'm keen to get started on it this weekend. Here's the colour I'm using and it's my Supermerino Sock yarn.
This will be the first garment I've knitted on my machine so it'll be fun to see if I can do it or not.
Don't forget to check out the BIG WINTER SALE. All the yarn is reduced and is selling fast so don't miss out. When it's gone it's gone.


dreamcatcher said...

Thanks very much for the link to the Miyu scarf, it's lovely!

Also wanted to say congrats on all you have achieved in the past decade. I didn't know the history of your neck problems beforehand, and to come back from what must have been an extremely dispiriting time, to what you are doing now, it is fantastic :-)

Cybèle said...

Our schools were closed for three days last week too, and today we had a letter from the head of the middle school, explaining the reasons behind his decision to close. Some days it may seem as if the school could really open, but quite a few teachers live some distance away and won't be able to make it in, even if the kids would. They'd end up with more kids and fewer teachers, which by law probably isn't allowed. He said the decision to close is always hard, cause whatever you choose, it's always the wrong decision for someone.
I agree about the snow though - we never missed any school either - if it got really cold, we might go iceskating with school for the day, but school wouldn't be closed. My secondary school started at 8 and I lived 50 mins away by bus, and even if it snowed, we were still expected to turn up on time. Mind you, we did have more snow in those days, so it seems the country was just better prepared. I also got the feeling this year that as the cold has continued, people have slowly got on with their lives again rather than constantly be stuck at home. You can do that for a day, two maybe, but not for a couple of weeks!
Fingers crossed the snow stays away for you tomorrow - although the forecast doesn't look good...

ClaireEJ said...

So that's what the full Miyu scarf looks like!! It's lovely.
Thanks for the Let's Knit link too...

Tama said...

GORGEOUS scarf!!