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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Wire jewellery

I went on a 'Knitting with wire' workshop yesterday. First we knitted a wire bracelet with beads. Th boring bit was threading all the beads on first. I now know why I add beads with a crochet hook as I go when I add beads to lace. With wire that technique is impossible apparently. We ended up with a wide cuff bracelet. I decided to roll mine into a bangle. It's not perfect but not bad for first attempt.
After lunch we made a flower brooch. We used thinner wire and Colinette Parisienne which is a mohair yarn. It was slightly easier to knit with the wire when you added yarn. Wire is a bit tough on the hands and feels weird. The pic of the brooch is not very good but it looks good.
Although the workhsop was good I felt we could have managed to make one more piece. I had a bit of a wait before lunch for everyone to finish. I had to go an hour earlier and managed to finish my brooch in plenty of time. So if I'd stayed till 4pm I would have been doing nothing for the last hour. I may get some wire and have a go at making some more bracelets though.
I've managed to list some yarns in the shop today. I've added some Silky Merino Lace and Exotic Cobweb Lace. More Exotic Cobweb Lace and Bambino Sock to come tomorrow. Here's some of today's update:
Silky Merino Sizzle:
Silky Merino ~Taliah ~ the yarn used for the Taliah Shawl in Let's Knit:
Silky Merino Steel - which is slightly darker grey than the gorgeous silver colourway and equally gorgeous.
I've also listed some brown, purple and blue Exotic Cobweb Lace.
I've just had some sad news. Our mechanic has just been and confirmed our second car has died and it's terminal. It's the gear box which we were expecting. It's too expensive to replace the gear box on a car that's only worth scarp value. So scrapping it is what we'll do. Simon is not keen to replce the car but I'm worried about managing without. It'll make post office runs etc more difficult. Also means I'll be stuck at home more which is not necessarily a bad thing.
As for knitting, I've cast on for another quick secret project. This one is with a lovely yarn I've never used before and I'm surprisingly pleased with it. I'm using 7mm needles whic is also very unusual for me these days and a nice change. Altough I prefer thinner needles. normally I avoid anything over 5mm. So I've not got 2 secret projects on the needles. Both need to be done by end of next week so I'll havea busy weekend with lots of knitting ahead of me.
Look out for December Let's Knit which is due out soon. I've got 3 designs in this one and they are very different. I'm desperately waiting for my copy to pop through the post.

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psalm127 said...

wow that looks great! I never would have thought to do knitting with wire. I love the colors of the new yarns. and that orange twisted scarf is wonderful. You have been busy.