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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Yarn Samples

I've got so much to blog about I don't know where to start so I may share it out over several days, that's if I can find the time to blog over the next few days. I've dyed lots of yarn for the UK Ravelry Day, 2 1/2 weeks to go now and I'm starting to panic even more. Yesterday I had a big box of British yarn arrive. There was some British alpaca laceweight and organic merino sock yarn spun in Devon. A;so got some merino pencil roving. All rather gorgeous stuff.

I think I may have mentioned that I had a sack of rather gorgeous silk, silk/merino and cashmere yarns a week or so ago.

here are some of the samples. Handspun angora, cashmere and baby camel - very yummy. Incredibly soft and no it's not spun by me.Some silk and silk blend yarns:

Some colourcards for cashmere and bamboo yarns.
I also got some cashmere and silk laceweight, some new sock yarn and other gorgeous stuff. I've been dyeing some of it and more will be dyed in time for the Ravelry Day.

I've finished another lace stole but I'll save pics of that for next time. It's the stole for the Lace Variety Club. The sample is going to be sent to my sister. I promised her a lace stole a couple of years ago and she'll be surprised I've finally managed to knit one.

Lately the only thing I've been concentrating on is the garment for a mag that I finished last week and since then I've worked flat out on finishing the stole. So now it's time for some 'me-knitting'. I've started a shrug for myself in a gorgeous new sock yarn called, Glorious. It's incredibly soft and luxurious and so far the shrug is knitting up beautifully. I'll get some pics taken and show them in a few days.

Tomorrow i'm off to Spin A Yarn to teach a workshop on toe up socks two at a time on circs. Now I've got to get ready for housegroup which I'm leading tonight.

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