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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

snow and yarn

Yes we had some snow too yesterday. This week has seen Britain crippled by snow, which is quite funny to a Norwegian. We had about an inch here yesterday and the schools were closed, we had no rubbish collection and we couldn't get our car out of the drive. Simon took the day off too. He probalby could have gone in late but rang his boss and took the day as annual leave. He's already had Monday off as flexi leave. We only had snow yesterday and it was gone by the end of the day but the girls were thrilled to have a day off school. They were out playing in the snow at 8am.

My plans were ruined yesterday. I'd planned to meet up with Tina and go to the knitting group at Spin A Yarn. I've never met Tina before although we live really close and I think we were both looking forward to the day. I was also meeting my friend, Marianne, at Spin A Yarn and all the other lovely ladies there. I love going up there once a month as it's a gorgeous yarn shop. So I was very disappointed when I had to spend the day at home. even the snow didn't cheer me up.

Luckily everyone's back at work and school today but the next Spin A Yarn knitting group isn't until March.

I've managed to list a few yarns yesterday. I had a big clear out of my studio on Sunday. I spent two hours and four bin bags sorting stuff out and there is still mor eto do. I found I had a lot of yarn that's not been listed so I'm aiming to work my way through that in the next week or so. I've checked the dollar exchange rate again today and decided to reduce my prices. Sock yarn will now be $16 and lace yarns $18. So alhtough the sale is officially over, a lot of the yarn prices will stay the same. And the sale yarns will stay at their sale prices until I get time to go through the whole shop and change it. Here's a taster of some of the new yarns listed:Today we're back to miserable rain by the way. And it's cold and windy. REally miserable. Luckily I managed to pick up the brand new copy of The Knitter magazine earlier. That might cheer me up a bit.


Pixie said...

Hope the mag cheered you up.. just heard that more snow for tomorrow! strange how we don't cope with the white stuff, like other places can.

Shame you missed out on yesterdays trip and the chance to met with Tina.. may be next month :)

Keep warm
Pixie xxx

Heldasland said...

I love all of your prom stuff, I have been searching for ages,could I have their address.Love your yarn

Judy said...

We had snow a week ago Tuesday and it is still on the ground. That is not normal for us anymore but we have it. Supposed to be up in the 50 through mid next week so all of our snow should go away.
The snow along with ice took our power out for 3 1/2 days. Crap....

psalm127 said...

oh my look at all that yummy yarn. Must use up what I have first. lol
We are getting a rain storm here as well. Started yesterday and should go through the middle of next week. They are talking about snow in our valley again I think by the end of the weekend. Only need to get out to go to church so I can stay in and knit the rest of the time. ha ha.