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Sunday, October 26, 2008

A new spinner

Yesterday afternoon, during a break from sorting out my study, Emily asked me if I could teach her how to spin on my drop spindle. We'd already ahd a go on the wheel a month or two ago. so I dug out some fibre and my drop spindles and we gave it a try. She managed quite well and has already had to empty her spindle once. She spun for ages yesterday afternoon and she's at it again today.
This is what she had yesterday afternoon.
She's already learnt how to knit and do cross stich and is keen for me to teach her how to crochet and she's done some weaving. I think we have another fibre addict here. When she learnt to knit and weave she insisted she needed a yarn stash so I'm sure she'll be asking for a fibre stash now. LOL

The studio re-organisation went well yesterday and it's already a thousand times better. I took pics of it before I started but I'm not sure I'm brave enough to share them. They're truly horrific. The two new shelving units are making a huge difference. I've got one big tower of plastic drawer untis housing my stash and two shelving units housing lots of dyeing stuff, some stash, yarns for sale, design stuff and all my bits and pieces. I've still got a bit of orgnising left to do and I want to reorganise an catalogue my stash. And to fit all my stash into my studio. At the moment I've still got quite a lot in my wardrobe and under my bed. Maybe when it's all done I'll be brave enough to share photos.

During the re-organisation yesterday I also got all my lace designs out and re-folded them and put them in a new place. Some of them need re-blocking and one or two things I've forgotten aobut. So this week I'm going to get it all out and re-do photos using Daisy as a model. I got a couple of new designs which I've not for various reasons gotten around to finishing off the patterns so that needs doing too.

On the knitting front I'm still working flat out on the secret project but it's going really well and I'm adding inches.

Today is a bit of a miserable, wet Sunday afternoon. Everyone's feeling a bit down, tired and in a funny mood. Simon has just take the dog out for a moorland walk so hopefully that'll improve his mood a bit. I'm off out to get a familly film in a minute then we're having a family film afternoon. Which is a good excuse to do lots of knitting.

I've started planning my next project after the current secret one. I've got another secret one due by end of November so need to start that one but it won't be a project that'll consume all my time. I want to mix knitting it with some work on some other stuff. PErhaps I ought to start on some Christmas presents and I'd like to start planning some stash busting projects. And somethig I've wanted to do for a while now is to do some home knititng, ie cushions and perhaps a snuggly blanket.

I'm planning a credit crunch sale starting this evening too. So check out my shop for some credit crunching bargains.


Pretentious Wombat said...

I love seeing Emily so industrious with that spindle. I have four daughters and have taught each one of them to knit and crochet. One year, I asked for a drop spindle for Mother's Day. I won't tell you how many years ago that was but I am so in awe of Emily because I still don't know how to spin! I am getting antsy about it, though, and am determined to learn now.

Probably Jane said...

You sound so busy it makes my head swim.

And do tell Emily that I think her spindling is very impressive!